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Retail Execution Linens N Things Case Solution

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There are two clear alternatives available in this case. One is that the GOLD program should be continued and Norman should support Bill in the execution of this program. This would perhaps require making certain improvements to the current structure. It would also require motivating the employees so that the confidence in the program increases again. On the other hand, the option of quitting the program is also there. This would mean supporting the opponents of the program instead of siding with Bill. In addition, choosing this alternative will also mean that the company will have to come up with a completely new strategy that would help them in catering to the looming threat of the competition from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Problem

  2. Strategic Alternatives

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Proposed Alternative

  • Continuing with the Program

  • Discarding the Program

  1. Selection of Proposed Alternative

Case Analysis for Retail Execution Linens N Things

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Proposed Alternative

i. Continuing with the Program

The major advantage of continuing with the program is that it has already been used to increase productivity. This increase in productivity will mean that the company would be in a better position to cater to the competition and improve its overall performance. In addition, this new system increases the discretion of the individual store managers and the district managers because they are in a better position to assess their inventory requirements. The disadvantage of this step is that the scale of benefit is not bid. As the number of stores increased productivity decreased. This means that in order to implement this method some improvements would be needed otherwise it would not be much useful for the company.

ii. Discarding the Program

Since the new program did not provide substantial improvements so leaving it aside will improve the morale of the employees. In addition, the company can focus on improving its existing systems instead. However, the disadvantage of this step is that a new strategy would have to be designed that would take additional time and resources. In the meanwhile, the gap between LNT and competition will keep increasing. Unless the company comes up with a better strategy than the GOLD program, leaving it might prove to be harmful. 

Selection of Proposed Alternative

In this case, continuing with the GOLD program would be more suitable. This is because the program does have the potential. This was seen when it improved store performance on a small scale. In addition, the reason this step is more suitable than the option of leaving the program is that the company does not have the time or the resources to keep designing new initiatives every time they face problems. The program might have some faults but it would be a much more sensible thing to tweak the problem areas instead of canceling it in entirety.

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