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Royal Mail

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Royal Mail is the United Kingdom's postal service provider. The Royal Mail was founded in 1516. One of the corporation's subsidiaries is the Royal Mail Group Limited, which is responsible for the brands Royal Mail (letters) and Parcel-force Worldwide (parcels). Royal Mail Group's subsidiary, General Logistics Systems, is a wholly owned subsidiary. The firm collects and delivers mail across the United Kingdom. Letters are dropped off in pillar or wall boxes, carried to the post office, or bulk collected from enterprises. Every day save Sundays and Bank Holidays, deliveries are provided at a standard rate to all UK locations. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Introduction

  2. Factors that Impact the development of effective HR Strategies

  3. Establishment of Positive Employment Relationship

  4. Conclusion

Case Study Questions Answers

Throughout the country, First Class delivery are normally delivered the next business day. The majority of Royal Mail's history has been spent as a government agency or public corporation. Royal Mail's stock was listed on the London Stock Exchange on October 15, 2013, and the company was included to the FTSE 100 Index on December 23, 2013, as a result of the 2011 Postal Services Act (BBC News, 2010). The UK government has a 30 percent stake in Royal Mail via Postal Services Holding Company Limited (Kleinman, 2013). When Royal Mail was split off in 2012, the same holding company also controls Post Office Ltd., which is still completely owned by the government. 

A number of issues have arisen for the Royal Mail in recent years. The human resource function, as described by individuals who worked in and for the specialized human resources department, was costing the corporation £200 million annually (Banfield & Kay, 2018). Human resource has grown increasingly connected with a plethora of regulations and procedures governing almost every area of human resource employment and administration. Regrettably, the growing dominance of the centralized human resources department has resulted in the disenfranchisement of line managers, who felt unable to connect directly with their employees.(Banfield & Kay, 2018). 

2. Factors that Impact the development of effective HR Strategies

Factors affecting the creation of successful human resource strategies and how human resource management may assist the Royal Mail in attaining its objectives via alignment of human resource plans with business strategy.

i. Technology Adoption

The adoption of human resource technology is a critical part of human resource management in an organization. This is because robust human resource management software systems are now available that are intended to automate all areas of human resource management (Bourne & Haddon, 2010). As a result, human resource productivity and efficiency are raised, as well as staff management is improved. The postal industry's commercial character is fast evolving as conventional mail is being replaced by email and the usage of the internet for business purposes continues to grow. Today's globe is expanding beyond one's imagination daily, thanks to very sophisticated technical discoveries and improvements. Scientists and technological experts are always looking for methods to improve the efficiency and convenience of human existence. With the advent of the Internet and numerous digital platforms, communication routes have evolved dramatically. With everything from food to clothing to books to household items available with a single click on computer and smartphone screens, the delivery of these products has been made seamless through varied logistics and postal services across global markets; thus, it is critical for postal and delivery companies to stay current on constantly changing trends, whether it is marketing strategies, operational efficiency, or human resource practices.

ii. Liberalization of Market

Royal Mail has also been influenced by the increasing liberalization of the postal services market in the United Kingdom, which has resulted in more competition from new entrants, many of whom are established global postal operators (Bourne & Haddon, 2010). Royal Mail is experiencing stiff competition in the postal sector, notably in the express package business, after the complete liberalization legislation. 

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