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Ticketing Case Solution

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Ticket manifest will provide the information regarding the seating capacity and the occupancy codes. In a ticket manifest, a manager assigns seats on the seating chart just as how they would appear on the venue. The ticket manifest has to be an accurate one so that the guests have tickets for their exact seats. Some seats also get wasted when an event is being arranged thereby it is necessary that the operational manager and the ticket manager have an idea regarding it. The seating holds should also be identified before the tickets are sold in correspondence to the seats. The general public is not allowed to use those seats yet they can be used to upgrade some ticket categories. The ticket audit can also be used in providing information related to all the tickets that have been sold and also the unsold ones.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What information will you use to determine a seating capacity that complies with all occupancy codes? 

  2. What type of seating will you recommend? 

  3. What ticket prices and pricing strategy will you recommend? 

  4. How would you scale the house to develop a minimum $500,000 gross potential? 

  5. Determine and describe the distribution system you will use to maximize ticket sales for this event.

Case Analysis for Ticketing

2. What type of seating will you recommend? 

I will recommend the general admission-seating format. Under the general admission-seating format, individuals will be entertained on a first-come first-served basis. Since the house is scaled as per the information that has been provided, this will prove to be a viable option. Using this option, different seats can be sold at different prices. The tiers in which the house has been scaled are Price Level 1, Price Level 2, Price Level 3, and Price Level 4. I will also recommend using a reserved seating arrangement since based on the nature of the event; a combination of different seating formats can be used. This is why a combination of general admission and reserved seating arrangement will be used. 

3. What ticket prices and pricing strategy will you recommend? 

I will recommend ticket prices starting at $50 each for the basic GA ones. The pricing strategy that will I will recommend will be a dynamic pricing strategy.

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