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Unilever Case Solution

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The case relates to Unilever’s premium brand Dove. Unilever internationally competed in the categories of personal care, home care, and food. The company later moved towards extending its range of personal care products. Hence, cosmetics and personal maintenance products were developed for both men and women. As the worldwide importance grew for beauty care products, Dove became the pioneering brand for Unilever in various countries.

The case is about the progress of Dove as a global brand and the strategies adopted for the brand by those in charge. As Unilever began to downsize with a concept of maintaining Master brands only, Dove seemed to gain all the more significance. In times of rising competition with Procter & Gamble, the brand team of Dove worked on various campaigns to stay ahead of the competition. A breakthrough campaign was “The Campaign for Real Beauty”, based on exploratory research conducted by the company.

Case Analysis for Unilever Case Solution

The research conducted in various countries revealed that hardly two percent of the respondents considered themselves as beautiful. This was a challenge for any organization producing beauty care products. For example, if the customer could not believe that Dove cream shall make them as beautiful as the models depicted in the brand’s advertisements, what was the point in spending millions of dollars on television and newspaper advertising? Such heavy and expensive promotion was then meaningless if Dove could not make its consumers more beautiful.

As a result, the Dove brand developed a systematic approach: there would be two separate teams for brand management of Dove. These would be the Brand Development and Brand Building teams. The success of Dove and that of Unilever can also be attributed to the company’s extension into new personal care categories. Hence, personal care products were increasingly developed for both genders and communicated through media channels accordingly.

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