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Weighing Career Choices Case Solution

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The case study puts forward two pathways Bream had the option of choosing from. Treading on any path was bound to help him succeed as long as he played his cards right. However, analyzing the pros and cons of either career stream indicated a strong trade-off.

Case Analysis for Weighing Career Choices

In the first case, at the CPG firm, Bream would have been one amongst thirty candidates vying for the same positions and prestige. Despite the invaluable experience his training and subsequent position as a marketing manager would grant him, it would only lead him to success if he achieves an evaluation well above his peers in the first three years. Salary increases will depend on this, as will further career progression. However, this progression would take8-10 years after the initial three years to become a category manager, and another decade to rise to general manager. Thus, remaining in a well-worn system such as this can make a person feel insignificant, and alienated. Moreover, no bonuses would be granted as an indication of a job well done.

However, the job would have the advantages of remaining stable, with regular working hours and no extra time demanded on days off. Moreover, non-salary incentives would also be provided, such as stock purchase plans and fringe benefits like health and dental plans and a pension plan, all worth up to 20% of the salary. 

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