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Wooqer Making Business Social A Case Solution

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1159 685 Words (4 Pages) Shankar Venkatagiri, Yalla Veera Prakash Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore : IMB411
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The case attempts to analyze the workings of a large apparel retailer in India, called Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. The role of IT is also looked at in conjunction with the workings of the company. The case builds upon the ever-increasing importance IT has for such a company’s function in the retail sector. It transitions from examining issues pertaining to whether the company should buy “commercial off-the-shelf” software or get custom-built software to set up a standard operating procedure (SOP) for Madura F & L. In regards to this, while custom-built software may be the solution to a lot of issues inherent in the retailer’s processes and systems, a high price tag would also likely set the company back by a lot.

Case Analysis for Wooqer Making Business Social A Case Solution

Two major problems are mentioned in the case, according to Wooqer’s CEO, in relation to the dissemination and consolidation of information in business organizations. The first problem identified is that employees cannot access relevant information and thus, make informed determinations if a substantial time lag is in place. This can then further affect consumer satisfaction and potential sales. The likeliness of this problem comes into play is directly related to there being a lack of an integrated IT system. Training personnel is also a prerequisite for employees to be able to access information instantly. However, some obstacles may also come about depending on the type of IT solutions being in place. For instance, most SOP IT systems need licenses to be bought for personnel validation and logins within the system; and the costs of purchasing these validations can add up to exorbitant amounts incurred by the business. Thus, at times, only higher level staff may be provided with such information as opposed to lower-level employees, limiting the pervasiveness of information access within the company’s employee network. 

The second problem that comes up is an issue similar to the first, but different in the aspect that accesses to business-related data is not within the reach of business personnel. Instead, managers tend to have to rely on such data being put forward via secondary sources. This can possibly make staff feel alienated from the bigger processes of the business, rather than making them feel involved and as contributors to the larger workings of the organization. A problem like this can come about if accessible systems are not in place. It may be that all the consolidated data is analyzed and retained in just a part of the business maintained only for the use of specific stakeholders such as shareholders, the government, etc. However, access to such information can allow better efficiency and productivity in the business organization as such data can allow employees to gain insights on not only the performance of the entire company but areas relevant to their fields of work as well.

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