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Your Home is a Good Place Inc Case Solution

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Bill Norwalk wanted Your Home is a Good Place Inc. to be a one-stop shop for homeowners who mostly didn’t know what their requirements were and how they can improve their households. The company needed to conduct a detailed analysis regarding the market in the area it was located, that is, in the town of Mishawaka, Indiana. Moreover, streamlining the supplier side and the customer side was necessary to create a unique brand image and identity. Bill needs to conduct a thorough marketing analysis and then position the organization in a manner that is feasible through a well thought out marketing strategy.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Background and Key Facts

  2. Main Problem Statement

  3. Possible Solutions and Options

  4. Recommendations and Analysis

Case Analysis for Your Home is a Good Place Inc Case Solution

2. Main Problem Statement

There is no problem statement but the company needs to conduct a thorough market research to understand the market dynamics and position itself accordingly. There are certain questions that need to be answered, and the marketing strategy would aim at answering these questions. Firstly, Norwalk needs to know if the company has a viable market in the area. Secondly, what customer groups would be targeted? The idea is to target those who have an annual income of more than US$ 100,000 per annum. Lastly, Norwalk has decided to approach females, is that a right approach?

3. Possible Solutions and Options

Norwalk decided to get onboard a consultant that would carry out the major SWOT analysis of the market and for the organization. That is one way of looking into things. However, dependence on consultants isn't the only way, the organizations' mission and vision should translate into the marketing strategy.

Norwalk's business model of arranging the transaction between the buyer and the suppliers is a good way to start up the business, given the scarce resources and the limited number of employees. Moreover, the construction knowledge that Norwalk has will come in handy for the business. The strategic management variable of convenience is a great unique selling point for the business that aims at providing a one stop shop for all the requirements a customer may have pertinent to their homes. Moreover, it is important to develop a strong brand image and investments in advertisements will be necessary to attract potential customers and even suppliers for that matter. Home improvements is all about making the home more comfortable, and the brand's mission should be in line with the same i.e. to improve homes and refurbish them to make them more comfortable and give them a homelier atmosphere.

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