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Banyan Tree Resorts and Hotels Building an International Brand From an Asian Base Case Solution

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The main Banyan Tree residences and restaurants had been made with that moreover idea as for giving "a feeling of place" to represent and strengthen consequently terminal's heritage as well as cultural significance. Consequently, all amenities, landscapes, greenery, and customer support represent this. These same hotels seem to be intended to merge into the natural topography of the local ecosystem while employing the innate greenery and pebbles as a privacy shield to create a feeling of exotic sexiness and guarantee the private information of its visitors. The Banyan Tree houses' amenities were purposefully native to communicate the artificiality of something like the location, including the infrastructure situated and sumptuous beliefs. 

The Seychelles moisturizer enclosures used to have previously been built around big rock formations and green grass to provide a beyond leisure expertise throughout total seclusion. The native character of the resorts was also mirrored in the services provided; many of them were exclusive such as specific locations. Personnel had been permitted to personalize the procedure for providing services based on local traditions and cultural norms as long as they stayed true to the brand message of tenderness and closeness. In Samui, for example, rather than going to a restaurant, a pair might appreciate supper on a conventional Thai dorsal fin sailboat joined by individual Thai performers while drifting.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Were they successful in expanding globally?

  2. What is the focus of their brand (Lifestyle? Vacation resorts? Focus on environment and sustainable growth?)

  3. What are your thoughts on this company? Do you agree with their policies, marketing strategies etc.?

Case Analysis for Banyan Tree Resorts and Hotels Building an International Brand From an Asian Base Case Solution

1. Were they successful in expanding globally?

Leading up to studying the aspects for successful of Banyan Tree, now let's concentrate on Banyan Massive tree's strategy goals, which could include but are not restricted to the ones that follow: Banyan Tree's strategy was to be a Focused business, directing its activities to particular categories and concentrating solely on a single sector (Specialty persons) whenever it opened its first retreat in 1994. After quite a period, Banyan Tree switched to that a forceful approach to marketing, directing its offerings and services to specific portions not only in Southeast Asia and yet also across the world. They were successful in the global sales promotion of their merchandise and offerings in the Gulf Region, Italy, and the United States. Today they own thirty-eight resorts & hotels, sixty-seven spas, seventy-nine retail exhibitions, and four different country clubs in nine countries. Banyan Tree has long-term intentions to grow globally, all over thirty nations, to achieve sixty-six hotels, hundred spas, and more than fifty galleries.

The following are the major elements that contributed to Banyan Tree's success:

  • Merchandise and facility excellence.

  • Client happiness.

  • Personnel/team.

Strategy direction (growth) aimed in three directions:

The service and merchandise types. After opening its first Banyan Tree complex in Samui, BTHR focused on growing the company. Choosing the correct policies, guaranteeing that its capacities expanded, and maintaining the tempo to maintain a worldwide company would be essential for eventual performance. Within and between those would be BTHR's capacity for recognizing the relevant intended economy, and choosing the appropriate sites, a process allowing the building and creation phases, maintaining relationships of native municipalities as well as governments, improving and personnel an adequate independent organization proficient of communicating relevant information whereas sensibly having to acclimatize the template to local climate, and create and oversee the Banyan Plant company. Those certain Tamarind Tree visitors should include business customers at ten percent and households at six percent. The facilities were designed to host official events and vacations, and they addressed businesses that had significant budgets, including those in the finance, information technology, and military sectors. Banyan Tree Phuket also had a business instruction centre known as 'Quest Lagoon Thailand Excursion,' providing customized outdoorsy group instruction courses.

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