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Beleza Natural Case Solution

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2054 592 Words (3 Pages) Omar Besbes, Nelson M. Fraiman, Marcelo Olivares, Maria J. Quinteros, Gabriel Y. Weintraub Columbia Business School : CU50
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The key components of Belleza Natural’s value proposition include affordability and its exclusive relaxante treatment which allowed its clients to transform their hair from curly and kinky to a smooth, shiny and a softer texture. Apart from this, the company constantly engaged with the customers to customize the treatment based on their hair texture for high employee satisfaction. In terms of process competencies, Belleza Naturals has broken down its hair care process into a number of steps, each of which is performed by employees that were trained in the particular skill that was required for the process.


Case Study Questions Answers

2. The process can be mapped into five sequential activities starting from reception visit to Hair division followed by the Super Relaxante treatment, then hydration and finally the hair styling which would include hair cut and color. This would help in streamlining the business operation as the customers who would actually want the treatment will be filtered at the reception only. Moving to the hair division step which would take ten to fifteen minutes on average, the staff working in this section would be highly efficient as they would perfect themselves doing the same task repetitively. This would therefore take less time and save costs on training additional skills to the staff. Same would go for the other steps as the staff managing them would have perfected themselves and would take less time and produce better results.

3. At the reception, the capacity to entertain clients is equivalent to 360.

At Division Station, Belleza Naturals can accommodate 720 clients.

At SR Treatment, Belleza Naturals can accommodate 384 customers.

At Hydration Station, it can accommodate 360 customers.

At styling station, it can accommodate 180 clients on average.

4. The bottlenecks in the process are that once the customers get their hair washed, they have to wait for their turn due to longer duration of the next step.

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