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Biblio Credit Union Social Inequality And The Living Wage Case Solution

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The main problem of the case study was that many people living in Canada were surviving on minimum wage and there was a vast social inequality. This was a trickle-down effect from a global inequality and the Great Depression. Furthermore, there was little economic diversification which caused massive unemployment and layoffs.

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  1. Problems

  2. Symptoms

  3. Solutions

  4. Recommendations

Case Analysis for Biblio Credit Union Social Inequality And The Living Wage Case Solution

2. Symptoms

The symptoms of the problems include; the rich were getting richer, and the poor remained well below the poverty line. This impacted their standards of living, health care and ultimate survival. Hence employee turnover was more due to the impact on life expectancy, and general social well-being. Other social problems associated with social inequality included low literacy rates, high infant mortality rates, homicides, mental health issues, imprisonment and teenage pregnancies. This impacted all age groups, with one in five children living in poverty, with at least one parent working full time as well as 6% senior citizens living in poverty with one in ten, still working.

3. Solutions

The solutions that were introduced to cater to the above-mentioned problems included the living wage firstly; which was above the minimum wage limit, to cater to all needs including those of children, to give an employee a basic lifestyle (Walker & Labutte, 2017). This was based on the belief that everyone has a right to enjoy recreation, have good health, entertainment and participate in social activities. Hence, this wage was to be sufficient so that the employees are not only able to meet their basic needs but enjoy some quality time pass as well as raise their children in a better manner.

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