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BP’s Global Environmental Policy Director Carlos Rodriguez has been requested by the company’s vice president to handle the Local Public Response with an oil disaster that took place recently in the Gulf of Mexico. Carlos thinks that BP is at fault, so, he faces a dilemma in countering BP’s stance in public. However, the company is also very important to Carlos. Furthermore, he is expected to respond to a journalist Julio Jonas who is leading the investigation case. He also happens to be Carlos’ childhood friend making it difficult for Carlos because of the relationship between them.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Purpose/Objective

  2. Alternative Solutions

  3. Recommended Solution

Case Analysis for Business Communication Case Solution

1. Purpose/Objective

  • Short-Term Goal: To debrief and pacify the media and the stakeholders regarding the incident and all the efforts that were made in order to control the leakage and minimize the damage caused by the disaster. Lastly, to assess the measures that are being taken to identify the causes of the disaster.

  • Long-Term Goal: To inform the stakeholders that environmental commitment is an area to which BP has always given importance and engrained within organizational processes. Moreover, in light of the incident, the objective would be to communicate to the stakeholders and media regarding efforts for the long term support of the affected families, ecological environment, etc. Lastly, determine the efforts that would be required to avoid such disasters in the future.

2. Alternative Solutions

Solution # 1 

The company should develop a program for the families that were affected because of the oil spill. The measures for reducing the effect of the spill should be highlighted in order to show that the company is acting responsibly by countering the impact that its oil spill has had on the families and the marine life.

  • Pros: The advantage of this would be that the company would clarify its position in terms of what efforts have been made to control the situation. The media will be communicated about the measures taken and investigation into the incident that would help ease the pressure from that end.

  • Cons: There is a scarcity of time, and the company would not be in a position to answer these questions immediately without senior management deciding mutually.

Solution # 2 

The company should reinforce its commitment towards the environment and sustainable production and how policies and regulations are in place to counter such incidents.

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