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Cleveland Clinic Transformation And Growth 2015 Case Solution

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The Cleveland Clinic has been developing and aiming at revolutionizing itself for several years with an emphasis on innovation, growth, culture, value, improving outcomes and reducing costs. Several systems are in place to ensure continuity in medical research, the utilization of information technology, transparency and convenience for customers and patients. Growth strategies have also focused on several areas including increasing the market size through regional, national and international expansion; expansion of services and new revenue sources. Simultaneously, the focus has been on developing quality, focusing on the use of information, specialization and expertise.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Which growth initiatives should the Clinic expand and why?

Case Analysis for Cleveland Clinic Transformation And Growth 2015

It is important to understand that for Cleveland clinics to expand and grow further it needs to focus its efforts on strategizing the various alternatives it has available and pursuing those that have the greatest potential. A strategic planning process would need to be in place to be able to sustain growth in the long term for which strategic leadership is imperative.

The clinic has been focusing its efforts on improving outcomes, reducing costs and integration. The clinic needs to continue efforts into information technology and ensure a centralized health record system that is easily accessible. Close integration of the care coordination and primary care i.e. specialist care is important. This will enable the organization to control costs through improvement, create a provision for the better care and ensure better health for the population. It is important to understand that initiatives in these directions are important and would need to be undertaken in lieu with investments, partnerships with organizations and patients using online consultancy and second opinions.

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