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Clifford Chance Repotting The Tree Case Solution

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1682 625 Words (3 Pages) Arthur I Segel, A. Eugene Kohn, Nhat Minh Nguyen Harvard Business School : 207073
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The case revolves around Clifford Chance which is a fully integrated global law firm, headquartered in London, with a presence in about 19 countries and over 3,500 legal advisors serving a wide range of elite clients. The management is faced with a crucial decision which involves the relocation of the headquarter to a redeveloped business park in Canary Wharf located at a distance of three miles outside of central London.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction & Problem Identification

  2. Analysis 

  3. Recommended Action Plan    

Case Analysis for Clifford Chance Repotting The Tree Case Solution

Peter Charleton, head of the London office, is trying to convince his fellow partners to relocate the headquarter as its current lease will expire in 2003 along with other factors such as growing capacity of the firm in terms of employees, the business in general as well as to position a strong image of the firm in the minds of its clients.

2. Analysis

Clifford Chances relocation has several factors that need to be considered in terms of facts such as the company’s long history in central London along with the amenities offered in central London. Not only this, the current headquarter is also close to its key clients and relocation will probably sacrifice the proximity the firm currently enjoys to courthouses and litigation offices where important business is mostly carried out. However, on the other hand, relocation to Canary Wharf can be pivotal for the firm as it will consider the expanding needs of the firm in terms of the work environment required in retaining talented people, spacious offices for the growing number of employees as well as a building that conveys prestige and depicts firm heritage and success to its client through the ambiance it offers. The alternatives available to the firm included: 

  • 201 Bishopsgate which offered space of about 650,00 square feet  

  • Bishops Square offering 1,000,000 square feet

  • The creation of a village or a campus by clubbing nearby buildings together.

    Based on the firm's internal projections, they believed that a building between 850,000 and 1 million square feet would be an ideal solution and expected rental rates of about £45 to £55 per square foot in central London.

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