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Collision Course Selling European High Performance Motorcycles In Japan Case Solution

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Nobu Katoh, the director of sales and marketing at Tommasi Motorcycles is currently facing multiple issues due to the cultural and communication differences that exist between the Japanese and Italian stakeholders in the organization. These issues include the lack of commitment from the dealers, the lack of understanding of the local market by the expat management and the inexperience of the consultants.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Problem Statement

  2. Purpose / Objective

  3. Alternative Solutions

  4. Recommended Solution

  5. Action Steps

Case Analysis for Collision Course Selling European High Performance Motorcycles In Japan Case Solution

2. Purpose / Objective

Short-Term Goal

The short term objective of Tommasi Motorcycles was to eliminate the communication barriers and filtration impact of the communication that took place. As stated, sales in Japan are driven by healthy relationships between companies and the dealers; therefore, it is imperative for the short-term goals to be kept instead of the same. The short-term goals should, therefore, align the management goals and dealer needs so as to build a base for achieving longer-term goals. 

Long-Term Goal    

The long-term goals for the company are geared towards increasing sales in the Japanese market. Sales figures had started to pick up, but more needed to be done to increase presence and double sales figures in the Japanese market along with product awareness. For this, the company has been taking steps such as the summer sales campaign that is part of the discussion. Hence, the long-term goal is to increase presence and drive more sales volumes in the Japanese market. 

3. Alternative Solutions

The case in point has witnessed barriers to communication due to the cross-cultural diversity. Therefore, the solutions need to focus on eliminating these barriers and fostering healthy relationships with dealers. 

Solution # 1 – Appoint a Japanese citizen in charge of the operations in Japan. 
  • Pros - To balance the global product with the local market needs, this would be a step in the right direction. The local citizen would be able to address market needs and wants more effectively and develop healthy relationships with dealers.

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