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Conflict At MRW The New Employees Pregnancy Case Solution

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As the scale of MRW's operations increased, it hired Sonia Reguant as its systems administrator to coordinate the dispatches. However, mid probationary period, Sonya announced that she has a critical pregnancy and would have to stay home. Sonia's job was critical for business success, and her unexpected leaves posed a problem for MRW.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Analysis

  3. Alternative Solutions

  4. Recommended Action Plan

  5. Implementation

Case Analysis for Conflict At MRW The New Employees Pregnancy Case Solution

2. Analysis

It can be seen that the nature of Sonia’s job is very important for business, as the flow of orders for the company has increased in the past years, making the existing employees overburdened with work, hence raising the need for the system administrator. Sonia's leave would place the business in a vulnerable position. Her pregnancy has put the business in a unique situation, which is why firing her would have long-term consequences in terms of the company's reputation and deteriorating expectations of the employees. However, if Sonia were to stay and go on leave, the information department employees will have to work for longer shifts. This may reduce their productivity and motivation level as their work-life balance would be compromised.  

3. Alternative Solutions

Firstly, Sylvia can go ahead with firing Sonia and hire someone else for the role. It should be kept in mind that MRW has developed itself a reputation of being very socially responsible through various CSR initiatives aiming to have a positive impact on society. Hence firing would be bad for the company. 
Secondly, Sylvia can ensure that Sonia is allowed to work from home where it is possible and coordinate with the team at all times, and at the same, the team should show a compromising attitude and try to facilitate Sonia given her situation.

Thirdly, Syliva should assign the job role and duties to one person in the department, as is done in the job enrichment strategy. However, this would demotivate the particular employee as he would be pressurized with work and would know that his position is temporary. Hence, the commitment to work effectively will not be there.

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