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Coral Divers Resort Revised Case Solution

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The cases focused on the owner of a small scuba diving operation and business in the Bahamas. The case focuses on the owner's consideration, and assessment of his strategic direction, and the possible need for reassessing the same owing to the increased decline in the revenues and profitability of the business. The changes in the strategic direction for the business include the inclusion of shark diving for proving more adventurous diving options to stimulate excitement, another option included the inclusion of family diving. At the same time, the owner, Greywell, also considered exiting the business or relocating to a new Caribbean location altogether. The case allows a deeper look at the relationship between elements of strategy, organization, and the performance of the firm – and how changes in the stagey will lead to dramatic changes in the organization of the business as well as its costs structures.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What they think of Coral Diving Resorts?

  2. What they think of possible improvements in the service?

  3. What attitudes they feel about the resort and its advertising?

  4. What they feel about their 'roles' in the family and society?

  5. What their hopes and dreams are for themselves and their families?

Case Analysis for Coral Divers Resort Revised

1. What they think of Coral Diving Resorts?

They viewed coral diving resorts as a resort with high potential for entertainment and attraction. The resort was well developed and had a good audience during the season, as well as off-season. Though the resort was fairly successful, they saw the potential for growth and development of the business as it wasn't operating at full capacity. This highlighted room for improvement as well. They thought at with recommended improvements, and incorporation of suggestions, the resort could increase its production and utilize capacity at a higher rate. Moreover, they also thought that the resort offered peacefulness, and peacefulness – however, both these need to be developed sufficiently for the business to draw profits from them. This meant that the coral reef resort would need to offer stimulating activities for purposes of excitement as well as of an environment and channel for relaxation and peace. 

Registration with the authorities, and the presence of needed licensures allowed coral reefs to be an added point of attraction. This is because the certifications present with the staff at the coral reef resort highlighted their experience, as well as led to ease of doing business. This would have been more difficult with the new resorts as it would require ten years of experience for PADI certification alone, for example. This would have coasted not only money, but also time, and led to a lag in the use of the resources.

Consequently, coral reef was viewed as an ideal opportunity for development – which would help the investors as well as the business in growth, and activity development. This in turn would attract a higher number of audiences and consumers, and as a rest, would lead to increased revenue. Moreover, costs would also be managed more effectively as the business would operate at a higher capacity, and thus, be able to manage fixed costs better.

2. What they think of possible improvements in the service?

The resort could be improved in multiple ways. All the recommendations, and suggestions, however, require changes in the design and the costing of the resort. Moreover, it also requires external facilitation as the changes cannot be supported by the resort internally. The recommendations for improvement include, for example, emphasizing family diving vacation. The family diving vacations would however require additional cottage and space renovations. Though the resort had the space for making the relevant changes, Greenwell had not initiated any needed changes. The improvement through offering family diving opportunities would allow the resort to attract groups of families, and work with the rascals, as well as other companies to expand their consumer segments and target audiences.

Another mode of improvement included facilities for kids – including a play area in the resort along with a chef to prepare kid's menus. This would act as an added appeal to the families staying in the resort since the kids would have a platform for channeling their energies and having an equally good time and entertainment while the adult family members enjoyed diving activities and offerings by the resort. This facilitation also included partnering with nearby restaurants for partnership and concession on food items as well as easy availability of escorts and babysitters for the children.

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