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DARPA Grand Challenge Case Solution

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Autonomous vehicles can be used by businesses to transport staff and goods. As autonomous vehicles can navigate and drive in cities, they can be used to transport deliveries of business. Tasks, like moving construction and industrial material to the site and delivering the good to retail outlets and consumers, can be performed by the autonomous vehicle. The task performed by such autonomous vehicles would include no errors and improve the effectiveness of the business. Similarly, autonomous vehicles improve the speed of operations improving the efficiency of business. The driverless vehicle could make intelligent decisions based on the actions of other vehicles. Transportation through air and marine can also improve once the autonomous vehicles can successfully operate planes and ships. Improvement in transportation will facilitate trade and reduce the cost of business.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. How is the DoD using Al to improve its operations and save lives?

  2. Why would the DoD use an event like the DARPA Grand Challenge to further technological innovation?

  3. Describe how autonomous vehicles could be used by organizations around the world to improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

  4. Research the internet and determine if DARPA achieved its goal of creating one-third of ground military forces autonomous or driverless vehicles by 2015.

Case Analysis for DARPA Grand Challenge

1. How is the DoD using Al to improve its operations and save lives?

AI aims to make systems that mimicking human intelligence and reasoning. The most common categories of AI are Expert systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and intelligent agent. Artificial intelligence attempts to mimic human reasoning processes in solving problems, the working of the human brain and survival-of- the-fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions and to accomplish specific tasks on behalf of its users.

DoD can use AI to produce autonomous vehicles for ground military forces. The vehicle will have improved human reasoning and problem solving skills to navigate and drive during military operations. As the use of machine increases, fewer humans will have to fight on the front lines resulting in fewer deaths. As a result, AI will be able to save lives. For instance, autonomous vehicles would be able to transport military supplies and cargos to combat zones without endangering the lives of human drivers. DoD operations will also improve with efficient problem solving capabilities and quicker task completion.

2. Why would the DoD use an event like the DARPA Grand Challenge to further technological innovation?

DoD uses the DARPA Grand Challenge to further technological innovation for a variety of reasons. Firstly, DARPA challenges have a lower cost than a formal Research and development (R&D) unit. DARPA also uses lower resources than R&D units. DoD uses DARPA Grand Challenge as it brings together individuals and organizations from various industries and professions. People from government and academia to the R&D community, along with automotive enthusiasts, participate in this challenge. Coming together of such diverse people will boost innovation as diverse, and new ideas and viewpoints are discussed. The DARPA Grand Challenge is designed in a way to leverage American inventiveness for the development of autonomous vehicle technologies. DARPA provides a challenging mock environment of different terrains, like mountains and deserts, and cities to tests the projects. Time is also recorded to determine speed and efficiency of each project. The winners along with the participant display varying levels of innovation each of their projects.

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