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Deutsche Bank Pursuing Blockchain Opportunities A Case Solution

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Deutsche Bank AG is a successful financial company with operations in about 70 countries. Upon the invention of the blockchain, the basic technology for bitcoin, the bank thought of using it in revolutionizing the entire banking and investment system. After much research and development, testing of the application for blockchain smart contracts on corporate bonds, it was concluded the application was practical and attainable. However, to launch the application, development was not enough.

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  1. Introduction & Problem Identification

  2. Analysis

  3. Recommendation Action Plan

Case Analysis for Deutsche Bank Pursuing Blockchain Opportunities A

Full commercialization requires overcoming legal, structural, political and market challenges. Along with that, full commitment from the team is also required to ensure the success of the project.

2. Analysis

Blockchain, the technology had the potential to allow secure transactions without any intermediaries in between for facilitation purposes. Therefore, Deutsche bank set up labs for driving innovation in blockchain and finding a way to connect it with the bank’s business model and how it could be used to gain competitive advantage. The labs discovered blockchain’s Distributed Ledge Technology (DLT) which offered multiple benefits such as fast clearing of transactions and resolving inefficiencies. Using corporate bond, the labs developed a smart contract and tested their hypothesis regarding the success and safety of digital transactions of financial assets and ownership. The success of blockchain technologies was verified but going commercial was a challenge. Multiple factors stood in the banks and departments way to commercially launch the first blockchain application. Firstly, a proper structure was required following all legal and regulatory requirements to ensure that the transactions that are processed by the application are legally sound. Secondly, the financial markets consist of multiple types of transactions, so the blockchain had to develop in such a standardized manner that it is applicable for all. However, while standardizing things, the team had to be careful to not kill the novelty of the application before even launching it. It had to be capable of facilitating all kinds of transactions along with making it easier and smoother. Inability to do so is likely to result in failure.

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