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Discovery Limited Case Solution

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2409 607 Words (4 Pages) Michael E. Porter, Mark R. Kramer, Aldo Sesia Harvard Business School : 715423
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The case study describes a variety of methods Discovery used to not only create differentiation in the highly saturated market of South Africa, but also introduced innovation in the seemingly straightforward industry of health insurance, and thus demarcated themselves as trendsetters into expanding their range of services in a variety of areas.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Innovation

  2. Factors of Innovation

  3. Leadership Maintenance of Agility and Innovation 

Case Study Questions Answers

The top three innovations mentioned in the case study, which shall be talked about in this paper are mentioned as below,

  1. The first innovation that can be considered commendable is Discovery rewarding its consumers with Apple watches. The benchmark which is set in this paper into assessing the relative success and effectiveness of the innovation method as to how much they altered the lives of the customers and to what extent. The evidence of the success of this innovation is apparent, the motivator was strong and members registered an 18% lower hospital admission rate.

  2. The second commendable innovation introduced by the company was its Vitality Drive program. Offering a monetary reward, there was an incentive for the drivers to act according to the guidelines of the company, while also adhering to the safety protocols. The results of this program can also be registered through statistics, as the company observed an increase of 27% when first enrolled to 48% one year later, resulting in an increasingly attractive pool of members.

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