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Eric Peterson At Biometra (A) Case Solution

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1599 610 Words (3 Pages) John J. Gabarro, Thomas J. DeLong, Jevan Soo Harvard Business School : 411031
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The case describes the problems faced by Eric Peterson, recently hired MBA graduate as the General Manager of Scientific Materials (SciMAt). He has been put in charge of Biometra’s marketing and sales. Biometra is a subsidiary of SciMat. The case study highlights the issues and challenges faced by Eric Peterson during first product launch.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Relevant Facts

  2. Context 

  3. Problems

  4. Proposed Solutions 

  5. Evaluations

Case Analysis for Eric Peterson At Biometra (A)

2. Context 

Right after Eric Peterson finished his MBA School, he was offered the job as Product Manager of Biometra. He struggles to launch the new catheters for the target market but has to face various management and structural challenges during this process. He works competently but has no prior experience in the field.

3. Problems

  • Firstly, Peterson had to report to a VP, who was the highest authority directly involved in launching the product. However, the VP left the company suddenly and authority of Biomatra became confusing for him.

  • Peterson gets promoted to the post of General Manager even though he has no previous experience of handling employees. The two job descriptions are highly non-related. 

  • Moreover, Eric's manager Hardy does not support him much about the product launch that leads to confused hierarchical relationships and ambiguous responsibilities.

  • Eric Peterson was unable to gain support from the key opinion leaders and also had to face problems in establishing a well-managed team.

4. Proposed Solutions 

  • Peterson should have engaged the support from key opinion leaders to make sure that all the important stakeholders of the company are on the same page during the process of product launch.

  • He should have engaged in constructive discussion with his manager Hardy and ask for his advice and support.

  • Gaining support from KOLs and Hardy can also help them to realise the misfit between Peterson’s current job responsibilities and his skills and expertise. By working collectively, they can work out to resolve this misfit.

  • Peterson should also attempt to resolve all kinds of interpersonal problems that he has to face with people involved in the chain of command.

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