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Erik Peterson at Biometra A & B Case Solution

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Scientific Materials (SciMat) was acquired by Biometra; a small company and launched an innovative, thinner and flexible catheter to drain or inject fluids. The launch date of the catheter was 1 February, but Peterson (General Manager of Biometra) thought that launching the product on that date is not possible, so he revised the date to 1 April. When Peterson was hired by Richard Jenkins (President of SciMat), he was informed that catheter had launch issues, and he was to work with the senior team at SciMat to handle the issues.

Case Analysis for Erik Peterson at Biometra A & B

Considering the competitiveness and SciMat’s condition, Peterson was promoted to the GM position and was both excited and daunted. Launching Biometra’s catheter along with several other medical devices was necessary for SciMat to get an advantage in the market. Richard Jenkins was a competent and innovative person and had made the company earn over $1 billion revenues from a small startup. But Jenkins was also known to be demanding and straight forward and was not going to spare any mistake in the launch of the catheter. The pressure was hectic for Peterson, and he also had to report to Jeff Hardy (VP of planning and control for peripheral vascular division)) who was not very resourceful in the launch.

Peterson’s team included five key managers including Jim Wescott, Stephanie Hanes, Trevor Burns, Curt Andrews, and Melissa Miczek. These people had unique skills but also had some flaws and conflicts. Overall, Peterson was able to manage the team pretty well with the help of meetings and collaboration. A team of key opinion leaders (KOL) consisting of doctors and surgeons was also formed to get feedback and trials of the medical devices, but Peterson got into some conflicts with some of the members of KOL and decided to limit his intervention. Jenkins decided to outsource the manufacturing to Costa Rica to reduce the cost, but it was not a good decision as the manufacturing was lagged behind that raised Peterson’s concerns.

Apart from language barriers, the operation team of Costa Rica also had management issues, and Peterson wanted to get Curt Andrew replaced by some more experienced person, but it was not in his power.

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