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Evan Williams From Blogger to Odeo A & B Case Solution

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Based on the review of the entire entrepreneurship journey of Evan Williams, few aspects have become apparent, which have played an influential role in both the timely success and failure of his ideas and his investments. For instance, apparently, it seems that Williams is not a team player because he enjoys going forward with his idea without giving considerable thought to the reservations of his colleagues or even the co-founder. Not being a team player and having an excessively authoritative mindset, causes frequent rifts with his fellow workers.

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  1. How has Evan Williams gotten himself into this mess? What should he do now?

Case Analysis for Evan Williams From Blogger to Odeo A & B Case Solution

In addition to this, it also affects the operation of the firm as all stakeholders have a different vision. Secondly, it can be seen that Williams spends very little time on the strategic decision making and is more concerned with the short term success of the idea rather than developing a long term plan, which is why he often regrets his decisions a few months later and tries to exit without considering the consequences.

For the future, it is in the best interest of Williams as well as, the people he works with and the idea he pursues, that he understands his nature and stick to it. For instance, he does not enjoy working under some investor or big firm as it kills his creativity and frustrates him from moving forward based on his gut feeling – which he believes more in rather than in-depth research. Ideally, Williams should consider staying committed to Odeo because not only the idea has potential but also, it still excites him if he has little more control over the decision making aspect. It can be done by investing his personal assets and buying a greater share of the company, which would allow him a relatively higher decision making authority than the present situation. For the future, to stay out of the mess, Williams should avoid all deals of mergers and acquisitions and stay in-charge himself.

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