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Form Print Ortho500 Case Solution

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The company should decide to sell the product through independent sales representatives. An experienced team of reps who have dealt with the sales of medical products should be hired. The company would require explaining the working and functionality as well as the various benefits that the product offers to them. After ‘selling’ the 3D printers to the sales reps, and convincing them of their utility, the management can be assured that the reps will continue to push it time and again during the early product cycle.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Recommendation

  2. Background

  3. Analysis

  4. ​Next Steps

Case Analysis for Form Print Ortho500 Case Solution

Bases for Recommendation

The recommendation to use independent sales representatives for the sale of 3D printers i.e. Ortho500 by the company is based on some different factors considered:

  • The department has severe consequences if the product fails; an experienced and a mobile team is more likely to be successful

  • The existing sales team is more likely to focus on current accounts rather than tapping into new ones. The desired primary target market is different from the existing clients and accounts

  • Will allow strong coordination between sales and marketing – as is more likely to follow the briefs that are given by the company because of lack of otherwise data and information

  • Will allow for a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy which could then also be used to tap into international expansions.

2. Background

The ortho500 is a new 3D printing method that is soon to be introduced by FormPrint Medical Products. The 3D printer would be able to print custom exo-skeletal orthopedic splints, braces, and casts that are specific to each patient's body and needs. The promised product shows demand not only in hospitals and outpatient offices in the USA but also internationally. Given the attractiveness and novelty of the product, the senior vice president is challenged to consider if the product should be sold by the present sales team of the company or if an independent team of sales representatives should be hired to push the products in potential target markets.

3. Analysis

  • The company had scheduled launch of the 3D printer in some parts of the year 2014

  • Planned price of the 3D printer was marked to be $68,000

  • Immediate desired target audience and market are the outpatient offices in the U.S.

  • Designed and being manufactured to provide the company with a competitive edge amongst the saturating competition. Differentiation based on price is not possible because of technological advances which have curbed product costs

  • The 3D printer would give an immediate cast-solution to patient as per their needs, instead of a wait of many days and weeks.

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