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Google Glass Case Solution

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Google initially created a lot of buzz around its product by presenting Google Glass as a genuinely innovative product that would improve the lives of the people who would wear it. The product was promoted through prominent celebrities and chief executives. The product was viewed as an integral part of the future wearable technology with its initial publicity. However, all of the hype that Google had created quickly started to fade away. This could be because of the premature launching of the product.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What should Google take away from the first launch of Google Glass? Should they re-launch the product? If so in what form and for what market? Justify your solution in detail.

Case Analysis for Google Glass Case Solution

When Google Glass was launched, the product was not completely developed, and this killed a lot of the buzz that was initially created. Google should have developed the product completely before introducing it. This premature launch didn’t allow Google’s grand plans for the product to materialize in the long run. Google’s obsession with the product only made the company completely misjudge the projections.

The product was highly expensive, and the fact that it was still a work in progress did not sit well with the consumers who were unwilling to pay a high price for a product that was not yet ready. Furthermore, Google Glass just wasn’t looking normal for people to wear in their everyday life, especially with a battery that didn’t last a day.

Google Glass should be re-launched but only after developing it entirely. Google’s initial launch was a disaster where no real product was presented. Google Glass was made exclusive, and the customers didn’t have an easy way to buy the product. The product should be made available in the market at an affordable price. Google should target both tech geeks and every glass wearers as well as prescription lens wearers. The product should augment the reality and not supplement it. It should be made compatible with prescription lenses through partnerships with glass manufacturers. Style should be emphasized to appeal to young people.

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