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Forus Health Crossing The Disruptive Product Chasm Case Solution

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3nethra is an intelligent, portable, and non-invasive prescreening device which has been patented for its technology. 3nethra replaces heavy machinery and performs the role of multiple devices in one, besides being considerably cheaper than the imported devices being used by ophthalmologists across India. 3nethra had the design efficiency to detect five different eye ailments along with the features that enable the facility of telemedicine, which eliminates the need for the presence for a specialist at the prescreening process using 3nethra. Thus, it solves the issue of carrying heavy machinery to the medical camps set in the remote areas by the NGOs.

Case Analysis for Forus Health Crossing The Disruptive Product Chasm

3nethra offers different sets of benefits to different end users. For doctors, 3nethra tackles the problems of scarcity of resources as it does not require the presence of the ophthalmologists at the pre-screening stage, which allows the doctors to save time and focus their attention on serious patients. For the patients, 3nethra offers low-cost screening with a portable device that could easily be carried to remote areas saving the villagers of rural areas from travelling time and costs in non-serious cases. On the other hand, 3nethra enables the hospitals to broaden their reach to the rural areas vastly improving the effectiveness and impact of their corporate social responsibility programs without wasting their valuable resources such as scarce manpower. 

Despite being much cheaper and compact than its counterparts, 3nethra has been finding it difficult to penetrate the market. Part of the reason is that it is trying to approach all the different market segments at the same time and changing their brand’s value proposition according to each different segment they are trying to approach (Dhar, 2007). 3nethra was facing challenges in adoption of 3nethra devices across both big specialty ophthalmic hospitals as well as small clinics operated by independent ophthalmologists.  

3nethra is a much better device for prescreening purposes as compared to its counterparts. It acts as a comparatively inexpensive, portable, and multipurpose screening device substituting multiple expensive, bulky imported machines currently being used in many hospitals and eye clinics across India. Despite offering all these benefits, 3nethra has been showing slow market penetration when it ideally should have taken the market at home for its amazing benefits it offers to different market segments.

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