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Garrad Japan Global Or Local

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In order for Garrad Japan to implement the strategy of glocalization, it needed to make a connection of its products with local and cultural specifications. The global business purpose is to "ensure the quality of life through healthy food." Garrad Japan can make use of local ingredients in its products in order to make the local connect of ensuring healthy food through the use of local ingredients or what Japan usually include in their staple diets. 

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It is important to note that in the case, it is mentioned that people know the products of Garrad Japan individually but do not know of the company itself. Hence, it is important for Garrad Japan to market itself as a company, relating the corporate values to consumer benefit and to make consumers feel that the company, as a whole, is concerned about the Japanese population and its health. Garrad Japan has a strategic plan in place, as intimated by the global brand, it needs to adapt and communicate it to the local market.

Furthermore, Garrad Japan needed to move from a company-centric approach to a consumer-centric approach, where there should be an alignment of company goals with customer goals. It is also essential that the strategy of Garrad Japan and Garrad as a global company converge with each other and not be deviant to each other, but local context is of utmost importance if Garrad Japan is to improve on its glocal score.

Moreover, ethical sourcing of raw materials and environmental concerns and focus on sustainability would work to enhance Garrad Japan’s image in the local market. People are generally wary of multinational enterprises and think that they are only for profiteering and do not care about the country; if Garrad Japan focuses on environmental sustainability, it will be able to improve on its image.

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