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GoodBelly Using Statistics to Justify the Marketing Expense Case Solution

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The case illustrates the marketing struggle of a company named Good Belly, which is a part of Next Foods Inc. The company introduced the organic juice-based drink with the intention of promoting healthy drinks; however, due to a lack of awareness, it was misunderstood by mass consumers. The company had to face a struggle regarding the product's benefits, especially in terms of taste and the advantage of probiotics which was one of the unique elements of the drink. Since the company is considered to be a newbie in the probiotic market, thereby, it was not funded to advertise the product. Therefore, the company was stuck to a small marketing budget, and within a budget, it opted for two promotional programs; in-store demonstration and competition among Good Belly's sales representatives. However, with scarce marketing resources, the company had to rethink its adopted marketing strategy and its benefit through its sales performance. Under the case, several questions emerged which are needed justified answers to make ultimate decisions.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Is the popularity of the product limited to the healthy-conscious people?

  2. Does the placement of the product within the store affect sales? Support your position.

  3. What other factors could affect sales? Can you suggest additional marketing strategies? Why would your suggestions be effective?

Case Analysis for GoodBelly Using Statistics to Justify the Marketing Expense

1. Is the popularity of the product limited to the healthy-conscious people?

Since the company motto was too much linked to the notion that "healthy food could be great medicine too. "Thereby, the concept of Good Belly emerged, which intended to introduce a product that is dairy and soy free, vegan, and contains an element; probiotic. It indicates that apparently, Good Belly products (kosher probiotic drinks) were made for all types of consumers; however, after analyzing the case, it gives an impression that it is more attracted to the consumers who are health conscious and are aware of certain elements such as probiotics. Hence, it might confuse the normal consumer who is not so health conscious that whether the product is suitable for them or not. In an illustrated case, it is clearly mentioned that Good Belly struggled in terms of raising product awareness, which indicates that the company might fail to position the product in consumers' minds.

Good Belly, although intended to build communication with the broader customer base and for that, it created a single shot juice to attract the audience, which indeed received well attention from consumers through its unique packaging, which highlights how the products are perfect for digestive tracts. However, due to the main element, "probiotic," which was the unique element of a product, hence, the company made it a priority in its packaging, creating miscommunication among consumers. The lack of awareness eventually made consumers ability to misidentify the product. Hence the popularity stuck to health-conscious audiences.

Consumers were unable to identify it as juice, even though the packaging clearly had images of colorful drinks. The given information in the case, therefore, indicates that although the intention of producing healthy juice is to cater to all types of audiences, due to the specific element which has been promoted widely, consumers are unable to place it in the juice category; hence, only health-conscious people who are already aware regarding such factors are able to identify the product as a complementary drink which serves both needs, means a simple juice which refreshes consumer's mind and medicine which not only could be helpful in digestion but also supports the immune system.

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