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Grupo Financiero Inverlat Case Solution

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Based on the case information presented in Grupo Financiero Inverlat, it is suggested that the managers from BSN employ a geocentric approach and strategy to manage its cross cultural differences and challenges within the company. Even though managers from BSN feel that they have made progress, and have laid the groundwork for progress within Inverlat, the company is still plagued with its former culture which will not be sufficient to become a global bank.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What cross-cultural strategy should be utilized and how should it be implemented? 

  2. How should this strategy affect the goals of the organization - revenue targets, etc.?

  3. Description of the final outcome. What do you propose Jim do?

Case Analysis for Grupo Financiero Inverlat Case Solution

The company’s current culture is the character of having a lack of accountability and thrives on a personal relation where individuals appear to work for personal growth rather than for professional and organizational growth. Consequently, there have bene negligible attempts at improvement. Moreover, even though BNS was initially thought to be a savior, Inverlat’s employees soon became doubtful of the company owing to a clash of cultures. This clash of culture was not only organizational but also occurred at a national level – where the Canadian ways of management, leadership, and living were different from those of Mexicans.

In light of challenges put forward by cultural rigidness and conflict, a geocentric strategy and approach are proposed to manage the cross cultural differences. A geocentric strategy will allow BNS to transfer its culture of discipline and accountability at Inverlat, while at the same time, it would allow Inverlat’s employees to continue to respect and maintain the national culture. Through a geocentric approach and strategy, BNS would be able to effectively help Inverlat grow to be able to create a distinct organizational culture which has global characteristics that match the organizational culture of BNS. This organizational culture would be apolitical and would allow individuals and employees to work in the best interest of the organization through the clear norms and values set by the company. The inter-relation between employees, however, could be influenced by the national culture. The geocentric approach will help BNS build a strong organizational culture that it needs, complimented by the informal manage networks that are characteristic of Inverlat.

The geocentric approach within Inverlat should be based on the selection of employees based on their skills and merit only. This will help the company retain and develop best talent, and use the human resources more effectively. The geocentric approach should be implemented within Inverlat through firstly developing an impartial and a competent HRM team that is familiar with the long term goals of BNS. The HRM team should then seek to influence the organizational culture and implement a geocentric strategy through three primary HRM activities. The first HRM activity is that of recruitment and selection. The HRM team should design effective means and measures to filter the best talent from within the company. This talent should not only be skilled in their respective job roles and expectations but should also present a connection and a match with the proposed goals for Inverlat over the long term, as well as compatibility with proposed organizational culture. This talent should then be trained and developed for personal and professional growth through focusing on the values and norms of Inverlat over the long term, and how these employees could help in contributing towards is development.

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