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Harleys Corner Positioning Dilemma in the Pet Food Market Case Solution

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The dog food market has been one of the highly growing markets in the countries such as India. There has been a growing need of healthy natural food for the dogs owing to the health dangers presented by preservatives used in the food. Moreover, the home cooked food often lacked nutrition so the pet owners were slowly moving towards branded food with health nutrients. According to the results, dog owners choose natural dog food over conventional or organic dog food. When it comes to dog food, ingredient source was more essential than any other feature tested (Simonsen, Faskeno, & Lillywhite, 2014). Practically experiencing the health benefits of home-cooked preservative-free food, Chandiok, a former employee of an airline, came up with the idea of launching Harley’s Corner. It provided premium wet and dry food in an innovative preservative free packaging to the customers needing nutrient rich premium food for their pets. Over the corner, Harley’s Corner is faced with the problem of declining net profits and sales. The company hires a marketing research team to get insight into customer preferences by surveying the markets. Based on this survey, regression analysis is used to predict customer behavior and offer recommendations.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Summary

  3. Problem Definition

  4. Data Collection

  5. Model Formulation

  6. Regression Equation

  7. Model Validation

  8. Interpretation

  9. Conclusion

Case Analysis for Harleys Corner Positioning Dilemma in the Pet Food Market

2. Summary

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok and his wife, Nicola, launched Harley’s Conere with the help of friends and family. He had this idea of preservation free food for pets through his own experience of feeding his dog, Harley, when he came to know that dry food caused several diseases in the pets due to presence of preservatives, he came up with the idea of providing preservative-free wet food online as well as in outlets. Harley’s Corner targeted pet owners in the regions of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Chandiok also developed an online portal named as Pets and People Too (PAPT) in 2012 to educate people through knowledge and understanding of home-cooked fresh food. The organization also advocated the development of moral values among humans towards animals. Harley’s Coner’s image as a brand was developed as advocates of natural, preservative-free food available in innovative packaging. The main unique selling point of Harley’s Corner was its high natural benefit as it was made from all natural ingredients. It also had shelf life of 12 months due to innovative packaging. The company highly maintained excellent quality standards as it was essential to meet customer requirements. Overall, the target segment of customers were of Harley’s were the ones seeking premium category of food for their pets.

3. Problem Definition

Revenue and profit declines from 2014 to 2015 were a key issue for Harley Corner. The sales were declining in Mumbai in 2014 which was one of the major selling regions of the company. One of the challenges in the dog food market was that the real customers, the dogs, were not targeted directly, rather their owners were addressed. Demographic, social, and ethnic characteristics of the owners directly affected their preferences. For example, South Mumbai had the largest spending capacity in the region which entails that it should have maximum sales of pet food. However, the majority of people there were Gujaratis and Jain vegetarians, who pass their eating habits to their pets and put them on the similar diet as their own.

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