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Harmonie Water Refreshing the World Naturally Case Solution

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2569 1429 Words (6 Pages) John A. Quelch, John L. Teopaco Harvard Business School : 917527
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The entire case study is focused on the company known as 'Harmonie' water. Useful insights are given to the reader regarding the bottle industry. The trends in consumption of bottled water are discussed with relevant facts and figures from the years between 2010 and 2015. Moreover, the global market leaders are highlighted that are operating globally such as Nestle, Aquafina, and Dasani. The premium market segment has been discussed along with the required packaging and pricing. When it comes to the Harmonie company two main projects are highlighted called Project Unify and Project Aqua. These projects were started to understand how standard brand image can be established using standard advertising and personality. The Director of the company and other regional managers had some conflicts and have varied points of view regarding the use of advertising and building brand image. Thus, the two projects were undertaken so those appropriate conclusions can be drawn that can benefit the company.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Is Harmonie Water a global brand? Why or Why not? Based on the findings of Project Unify and Project Aqua, what has Comeau learned about building a global brand identity?

  2. What factors should Comeau consider in deciding how much Harmonie’s brand identity and communications be standardized or customized? What should the roles of headquarters (corporate) and country managers be in Harmonie’s branding?

Case Analysis for Harmonie Water Refreshing the World Naturally

1. Is Harmonie Water a global brand? Why or why not? Based on the findings of Project Unify and Project Aqua, what has Comeau learned about building a global brand identity?

Harmonie water undergoes a detailed process to ensure the quality of water that is supplied to the consumers. According to the case study, Harmonie water has established itself in over 130 countries where it was able to make sales of $7.1 billion. The company has spent around $100 million for advertising purposes. table 2 in the case study shows the water consumption of Harmonie in 2015 in different regions. The company has the highest market of 8.2% in the Asia Pacific and the highest PCC (Gallons) of 1.44 in Western Europe. Moreover, in France, the company held the second position with a market share of 8.5%. thus, by considering these factors It can be analyzed that Harmonie water is a global brand. 

A conflict arose between Comeau and the managers of other countries regarding whether they should be focusing on local markets or going for a local brand. Therefore, two projects were developed to overcome the conflict Project Unify, particularly focused on identifying the consumer characteristics linked with Harmonie. Project Aqua focused on using the results of the project unify and to identify that consumers were more towards refined or revitalizing. Before the lessons learned by Comeau, there were certain perspectives that a particular brand should have. A similar market positioning. Comeau had an opinion that if a company adopts a consistent and constant positioning strategy it can give a functional feature and an innovation when it is used and linked with the emotional appeal. Such a strategy would be the same around the world. Focusing on one category of product. The focus of the marketing director is on the operations of products that are standardized such as the production of premium water. An advertising budget should be spent on a company name which should also be a brand name. such spending on Harmonie water help to develop an entity of the brand in the consumer's minds. 

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