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Helen Drinan Giving Voice to Her Values A Case Solution

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The correct strategy for Helen is to approach the hospital board and present her findings to them. She should talk to the board candidly about her apprehension for the career of the female employees. The hospital board is in a power position who can resolve the values conflict. She should approach the board through a written memo and should present the findings of her investigations via speech. She should close her speech with a set of recommended disciplinary action. In her speech she should also address the larger benefit of the hospital of adopting the right course of action of imposing a penalty on the perpetrator of the harassment.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Key Stakeholders

  2. Reasons and Rationalizations (for O’Malley)

  3. Risks for Acting and not Acting

  4. What factors enable Helen? What factors Disable her?

  5. ​The speech to the hospital staff

  6. Strategy

Case Analysis for Helen Drinan Giving Voice to Her Values A

1. Table 1 - Key Stakeholders


What’s at Risk? What’s at Stake?

CEO and President – Robert Haddad

Haddad’s reputation and employment status is at risk. He is perceived as a highly competent CEO who has turned around organizations from loss-making entities to profitable entities. However, his entire professional reputation can be ruined if allegations against his conduct are proved.

Helen Drinan - Senior Vice-President of Human Resources

Drinan’s employment is at stake. Haddad may take retaliatory action and may fire her if he suspects that Drinan’s inquiries will lead to his incrimination. Drinan’s report to the person who is accused of harassing the female employees. If Drinan is fired from her job position at the hospital, it might be difficult for her to secure another job since organizations are reluctant to hire individuals with a contentious past.

Archdiocese of Boston

The catholic church’s integrity and reputation is at risk. The church has already received public condemnation and criticism owing to the conduct of the priests who molested the children. If the news about the sexual harassment of the female employees by the head of the organization is made public, then the people are likely to blame the institution rather than the individual.

Harassed Employees

The female harassed employees face the risk of public humiliation and losing their jobs. There is no evidence of the harassment other than the testimony of the harassed women. If this evidence is not considered to be sufficient for Haddad’s conviction, then these employees will not only lose their jobs but will also face public shaming.

Hospital Staff

The entire hospital staff’s job growth is at stake. The problems at the top management of the company are likely to impact the performance of the entire organization.

Hospital Patients

The hospital patients face the risk of the continuity in receiving adequate care. The issues in the top management of the organization will impact the quality of the care delivered to the patients.

2. Table 2 - Reasons and Rationalizations (for O’Malley)

Reasons and Rationalizations

Possible Responses by Helen

O’ Malley is concerned about the financial impact on the organization.

The financial impact on the hospital cannot be eliminated by the adoption of the delay tactics. It is better if O’Malley conveys through swift action that the management of the organization is active in resolving disciplinary actions.

He believes that the Catholic Church can’t withstand another scandal and it is better that the public not know about it.

The concern for the reputation of Catholic Church must not override the concern for the female employees that has wronged and undergone mental anguish

He believes that Haddad is just being friendly and/or his motives were just being misinterpreted.

Haddad’s actions have clearly violated the line of sexual harassment in terms of all acceptable organizational standards. They cannot be interpreted as being friendly at all.

He believes the hospital owes Haddad a debt, given what Haddad has done for the hospital.

The contribution of the CEO of the company towards the organizational performance cannot compensate for the inadequate conduct in disciplinary matters

He does not understand the extent of the damage done to the victims.

The victims have undergone high degree of mental anguish and their careers have suffered as a result of Haddad’s actions.

O’Malley wants to take back control of the situation.

Taking control of the situation implies adopting disciplinary actions towards the resolution of the problem rather than delaying the justice. 

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