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Hosted SP Outsourced Sharepoint Case Solution

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Hosted SP was established in 2002 as an alternative to the ERP service provider software with the focus of having monthly recurring revenues through subscriptions. The business model of Hosted SP is a SaaS (Software as a Service) model where they provide hosting services to end-user (may it be multi-tenant or private cloud organizations) through messaging and collaboration. This model of Hosted SP enabled companies and their employees to easily access the messaging, communication, and collaboration through the customize in-house solutions while keeping their sensitive data secured and confidential. An example of the Hosted SP software is the service of Drive that google provides to all its customers where all our data is secured confidentially and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. 

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Case Analysis for Hosted SP Outsourced Sharepoint

2. Analysis

Since Hosted SP provides services to companies that can minimize both personnel and costs to add more value to the organization. So, Hosted SP started their SaaS to provide services that can be both economical and cost-efficient. So, in my view, Hosted SP’s focus is on cost leadership.

The most beneficial thing about having cloud offerings is the cost reduction benefit to the organizations. Customers choose to have cloud offerings because they can forgo the additional hardware cost as they can access their data and collaborate through the company intranet management system that is being remotely hosted. Additionally, the service provides easy access to the relevant information throughout the organization anywhere anytime as compared to the hardware-based information storage protocols where you must be present physically at the hardware machine to get access to the data you need. This cloud offering software has made it easy and efficient for customers to access the data through company intranet because such cloud offering organizations have expertise in such fields.

Hosted SP provides a wide range of software solutions to customers that its competitors were unable to provide. For example, in the case of Microsoft, Hosted SP provides services like data migration without any loss, enterprise backup, and data storage that Office 365 is not offering. Also, Office 365 is unable to provide customized 3rd party integrated solutions that Hosted SP offers. Furthermore, the solutions that Hosted SP provides are very cost-efficient that any organization’s in-build software cannot compete with it on a cost basis. In the case of Credentials, Hosted SP has got more brand power than Credential and will always win in the bids despite having almost the same kind of services. Due to these reasons, Hosted SP was always the customer’s first choice while selecting a software solution for their company. 

Hosted SP offers services to two different customer segments. One is a private cloud while the other one is multi-tenant. The private cloud is a customized cloud-based software solution designed for a single private client requiring higher time and investment. While on the other hand, multi-tenant was a cloud-based software solution designed for multiple clients who share the same server to access their data. This type of cloud solution is comparatively risky because of the risk of data loss or any other confidential information leakage. Additionally, the private cloud requires more technical support than multi-tenants do require. But both offer the same kind of services to their customer with one being more customized and so more costly.

Despite the haphazardness in the economy, software service is the only industry that was doing great in those times. According to an independent research organization, the global cloud-based software market has the potential to grow by almost 492% over the next seven years (Lendor-Mason, 2013). Because of the higher demand from customers, 80% of the growth would come especially from licensing models like SaaS (Lendor-Mason, 2013). In short, this industry of cloud computing is the mainstream of the services in any GDP. 

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