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House Hearth and Home Managing Leadership Change Case Solution

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Coglin is running a hardware and furniture store with Simpson acting as a yard manager. Running the yard in the past was a simple task, but now with increased competition in the market and hard in satisfying customers, it was getting difficult for them. The number of complaints was on the rise in the store. Moreover, Coglin wanted to cut costs as well. His manager Simpson had run the store all this time and managed the tasks well. However, one of Coglin's close friends, Boyd, was free as his company got shut. So, Coglin hired him as an assistant to Simpson. Boyd was an experienced professional who focused on completing tasks by taking utmost responsibility and wanted the same for his team. His efforts were evident when one of their "Hard to satisfy" customers, Graham, told Coglin that his team had done exceptional work. Boyd also removed two individuals from the workforce but was still able to complete the tasks. This led Coglin to a dilemma of choosing between an exceptional manager Boyd and a loyal employee Simpson.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Contrast the different approaches Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson take with low performing employees. Which do you this is more effective? 

  2. Do you think there is a difference between being a manager and being a leader? Why or why not?

  3. How has Boyd been able to accomplish so much in such a little time?  Why has Simpson not been able to?

  4. Identify Mark Coglin’s option for addressing this issue. Analyze the benefits and risks of each option. Be sure to consider how each option affects Simpson, Boyd and Coglin (individually and their relationships), as well as how the other employees at the store may react. What would you advise Coglin to do and how should he go about doing it? Be specific

Case Study Questions Answers

1. Contrast the different approaches Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson take with low-performing employees. Which do you this is more effective? 

Dan Boyd was more direct with his staff members who were underperforming. He actively participated in the process and spent time interacting with his employees. He led his group as if he were a leader, motivating and inspiring them daily. Boyd made an effort to inspire everyone by reminding them of their responsibilities and roles in the project. He made sure to stress how important it was to fulfil every customer's order. It was all about making you appear responsible and maintaining the "brand's" reputation. Things didn't just happen, and there were a lot of chances to make the customer even more enthused. Boyd had first-hand experience of what it was like to ignore what was actually important and continue working under the assumption that "stuff happens" and that the only thing you should be concerned with is completing the task at hand. His primary concern was ensuring that each week's order was processed quickly before moving on to the next task.

Wesley Simpson, on the other hand, was your typical manager. He didn't try to change anything or give the organization constructive criticism. H preferred to maintain equilibrium and kept a low profile no matter what was going on. Simpson did not offer any support to his teammates. He only gave them a day's work to do and didn't say anything else. Because of his indirect approach and lack of motivation, his staff occasionally felt apathetic. Boyd's approach to the workload was completely different from Simpson's. Boyd was centred around getting each request that came in for the week filled prior to happening to the following assignment, yet Simpson was just worried about continuing on. When the time came, Simpson refused to confront his staff about their poor performance. Because he was naturally avoidant, he wanted to steer clear of any potential argument.

It feels that Boyd's strategy is going to be more successful. Boyd appears to communicate more with his staff and customers and isn't scared to hear their worries.

2. Do you think there is a difference between being a manager and being a leader? Why or why not?

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