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Oberoi Hotels Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve

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Oberoi Hotel has built a name for itself in the luxurious hotel market as one of the most premiere brands to have global recognition. The hotel brand is host to an increasing number of quality sensitive guests from around the world. The current case focuses on the need to continue to delight customers in a changing business environment. With a standardized model for service, the case considers the challenge of how the Oberoi hotels can grow and deliver on increased customer expectations regarding the hotel services. The hotel is pressured to deliver beyond satisfaction, and work towards delighting the customers who seek more from the hotel brand with every interaction. To be able to understand how the hotel can achieve this, the case has detailed the design elements of the hotel’s service operations which include elements of, and Oberoi’s approach towards employee management and focus on their continuous improvement and skill development. The case has also highlighted other dynamics of service competition in an increasingly changing and growing market for the company.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Your thoughts on why Oberoi’s model works.

  2. How and where should Oberoi grow in the future? (Geographically and Culturally.)

  3. How well will Oberoi compete with Ritz Carlton and/or Marriot?

  4. Can they scale the operation and should they?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. Your thoughts on why Oberoi’s model works.

The Oberoi’s model works largely because of the active involvement of the leadership, which in turn leads to the active engagement, dedication, and efforts of its addition, employee skill was also an added factor which enabled the model to work. The hotel leadership had developed, and employed an integrated function towards ensuring the exploitation of its human resources function- including hiring, job design, training opportunities, work life balance, and performance management. Through focusing on the human resources, and their skill development, the leadership and management at Oberoi’s hotels was able to ensure increased employee engagement, higher organizational commitment, improved motivation levels, and higher job satisfaction levels- all of which led to increased employee engagement and morale leading to better on-site performances. 

Each of the human resources functions within the Oberoi’s hotel network was carefully designed and based on real time market research and data. For example, the employee selection i.e. the hiring process, included hiring people from different parts of the country, as well as recruiting members from other hotels. The management emphasizes the employees having a passion to grow, and ensures that the new recruits match the Oberioi Dharma values i.e. are in synch with the organizational culture and values to avoid any potential conflicts of interesting future.

The company has been able to sustain its business model, and offered exceptionally detailed services and efforts to the customers because of this meticulous integration of the human resource functions. All functions, identified earlier, have been carefully designed and executed to ensure that the company’s performance does suffer. These programs and functions ensure high engagement and performance levels on the part of the employees through offering them with intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivation – which leads to the increased dedication, as well as higher jobs satisfaction. As a result, the company has become a much sought-after employer

2. How and where should Oberoi grow in the future? (Geographically and Culturally.)

Oberoi hotel should first expand in Asia. This would include growing economies and luxury destinations such as that of Dubai and china, as well as Hong Kong. These geographical expansions will offer the company the needed proximity to the home country for sharing resources. Moreover, the geographical expansion will also be supported by similar cultural Asian roots.

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