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Implementing LEAN Operations At Caesars Casinos Case Solution

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1696 903 Words (4 Pages) Nancy L. Hyer, Brad Hirsch, Karen A. Brown Thunderbird School of Global Management : TB0389
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The broadly defined problem that was faced was the increasing competition for Casino’s to stay in business. The problem that followed was how to apply the Kaizen and LEAN operation to the business in a way that it would keep the hotel competitive in terms of service and cost saving.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Problem Statement

  2. Situation Analysis

  3. Recommendation

  4. Implementation Plan

  5. Responsibilities

Case Analysis for Implementing LEAN Operations At Caesars Casinos Case Solution

2. Situation Analysis

The main issue that is being faced is the implementation of the Kaizen practice that was successful in the Tunica Casino to be implemented in the Metropolis Casino as well. The case talks about how the Kaizen principle was applied in the Tunica Casinos where it was implemented in 3 casinos, so there were more resources that were free to be spent on the implementation. The issue is how to implement the same practice in a different casino due to differing dynamics. In theory, it tends to feel similar, but the staff and leadership at every individual casino vary from each other and hence while implementing the LEAN operation, the approach varies greatly.

The way that this issue can be solved is to analyse the dynamics of Harrah's Metropolis Casino. It has lesser access to employees than the Tunica Casinos. The availability of the employees is perhaps one of the greatest concerns for the implementation of the LEAN operation and the Kaizen events. Hence the key to the resolving of the problem is to handle resources in a very calculated manner that does not impair the working of the casino while providing employees with room to also work on improving their jobs via the 5-day event. Managing resources in an efficient manner for the correct implementation of the program is an integral function of the Casino in the case.

3. Recommendation

The first recommendation is that Hirsch needs to understand the inner working of the Metropolis Casino. The level of demand, the times when the Casino is busiest and the times when it is free so that the Kaizen team can be built for the workshop trainings. This number could also be changed depending on the roles that are relevant to the Metropolis Casino. For example, assuming that instead of having seven people for one team they could perhaps have 5 or 6 from different functions that are more relevant for the Metropolis Casino. Instead of the supervisor, they could have the kitchen supervisor assuming the restaurant of the Metropolis Casino is more famous and higher in demand.

The second recommendation is that Hirsch could get some staff from the Tunica Casino that has been following the LEAN operation and is aware of the teachings of the Kaizen principle. They can then share their ideas with the employees about the potential benefit of the change to the staff of the hotel that will undergo training.

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