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Infosys is involved in providing its customers with custom made IT solutions, which are in the form of packages and include SAP’s ERP, R&D, System Integration, and other services. These packages aim to cater to the evolving needs of clients and ensure quality customer service for them. This is basically done by offering consultation services and developing long term relations with its clients. 

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Infosys provides its clients with a wide variety of software solution options from which they can select the one that is best suited for their business model. The company is focused on assisting its clients in adopting new business models of working that would allow for better tracking and data-keeping that will, in turn, bring about operational efficiency and streamline the business processes (Johnson, Clayton, & Kagermann, 2008). Hence, Infosys at first evaluates the existing business model of its clients to define the key problems. It then provides consultation services by proposing solutions that would be consistent with the scope of business operations. Finally, it is responsible for the implementation of the selected solution, which is a part of the service offering of the company. All these activities help to ensure that the customer needs are well met at each stage as the main focus is on the customer and then the product.

Comparing the practices of the competitors, it can be seen that IBM also follows a customer-oriented approach as it constantly innovates to provides its customers with solutions that would ease their lives. The strategy of WIPRO, on the other hand, is towards product leadership as the company actively engages in Research and Development to come up with new products to stay competitive and provide a custom solution to different needs of the users.

2. From the above graph, the position of Infosys against its competitors in the industry can be determined. By evaluating the core competencies of the competitors, it can be seen that IBM has established itself as the global leader and has a large pool of clients, which has ensured higher brand equity for the business. Also, IBM has its own soft wares and hard wares offering along with the consultation services, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking consultations for bringing about business improvements. This is its core competency as these play an important in helping the business create its differentiated edge in the market (Prahalad & G., 1990). The graph shows that IBM and Tata are the winners of the industry. IBM has a long-standing history, which has ensured its success. Tata, on the other hand, provides low-cost solutions offering to the customer who has allowed the business to enhance its market share and observe a rise in its profitability in relation to other players like Wipro and Infosys that particularly operate in the Indian IT market. Hence, Tata and IBM seem to be the winners as they fall in the customer intimacy tier and Tata falls in the Operational Excellence tier with its main focus on cutting costs, while the remaining players fall on the Price Performance Line. Accenture has the highest performance in the industry but is also highly-priced. Accenture’s strategy can be seen to be focused upon product leadership to provide the customers with a high quality product. The company makes use of intelligent pricing as it has positioned its service offering being that of high quality and complemented it with a slight price increase to retain its brand value in the market. Infosys also seems to be on the right track if the curve is analysed. Its performance has declined in relation to its direct competitor Tata, which benefits from cost advantages as its market share and profitability are raising; meanwhile, it is working on improving the solution quality provided to its customers. However, as of currently, Infosys and IBM have collaborated to expedite digital transformation through IBM digital cloud, which has allowed the business to go up in terms of performance (IBM, 2020).

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