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Snapdeal A Nightmare Or A Benefit In Reverse Logistics Case Solution

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‘Snapdeal’ operated an e-market model, for the purpose of providing convenience to its online shopper customer base. It has developed an effective supply chain framework that has ensured the provision of 4 million products across 400 product categories. However, the company had been experiencing an increase in costs pertaining to reverse logistics, and this was reflected in the financial results over the period of 3 years.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Introduction and Problem Identification

  2. Analysis of Case Study using Theoretical Concepts

  3. Alternative Solutions to Problems

  4. Recommendation Action

  5. Implementation and Conclusion

Case Study Questions Answers

2. Analysis of Case Study using Theoretical Concepts

‘Snapdeal’ has developed an appropriate framework that consisted of logistics partners in different areas where the company operated. The company also emphasizes on the importance of processing the request for order returns. This is also known as reverse logistics. It refers to the backward flow of products and services by customers who are not satisfied with the orders delivered to them (Sathish & Jayaprakash, 2017). Reverse Logistics (RL) is considered as an essential element of the green supply chain, and this can lead to the development of a more sustainable supply chain, as it can ensure that delivery can be made more effective by delivering quality orders to the customers, thereby, improving the performance of the company (Prajapati, Kant, & Shankar, 2019). 

3. Alternative Solutions to Problems

One solution could be to establish smart hubs in different locations that can ensure that goods are delivered as per the specifications of the customers. This can be advantageous, as 65% of the orders are delivered due to faults made by the company’s supply chain. However, this can be a costly thing to do. Another option can be to ensure strict compliance on part of the vendors, in order to ensure that they provide suitable orders, and they should be asked to compensate for wrong orders. This can help compensate for the loss incurred by the company.

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