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ThedaCare System Strategy Case Solution

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ThedaCare prides itself on offering quality healthcare services to its patients, facilities to independent specialists, and lowest rates according to the WCHQ, a healthcare consortium proposed by ThedaCare itself for improving the competitiveness in the healthcare industry. However, there are still some issues with implementing the change process such as a slow responding industry which might not yield results immediately and reluctant physicians. Since organizations do not change their choice of a healthcare facility for their employees quickly, it is recommended that changes are made to stay, and the improved healthcare services increase the competitiveness of ThedaCare. Learning from the success stories of Orthopedics plus, the redesign of the non-ICU inpatient care should include selective inpatient issues rather than losing focus by doing it all. This will not only help in improving the quality of care but also increase physician willingness to change. 

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Case Analysis for ThedaCare System Strategy

2. Background

ThedaCare, a healthcare facility operating in the Fox Valley Region of Northeast Wisconsin had a mix of service offerings for patients as well as the healthcare plans. The leadership identified three core areas that were the pillars to success including improving staff morale, improving productivity, and lastly improving the quality of care. 

ThedaCare came up with a lot of innovative solutions to tackle the existing issues. For example, the lack of information on healthcare costs and quality was tackled by a proposal of a consortium named the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ). However, it did not have elaborate impacts on ThedaCare apart from some cases of changed behavior. While there were many changes being made, physicians and independent specialists were uncomfortable with the changes. Furthermore, Thedacare had to find ways to improve the value of care delivered to the patients to grow in a competitive landscape and a market with slow conversion rates and low reimbursement rates. 

3. Recommendations

One solution to engage the physicians and specialists in the change process is conducting workshops that promote the benefits of the new redesign. However, it would not deal with the issue of adequate reimbursement for the quality of services provided. A second solution proposed is that the success of Orthopedics plus can be the basis of implementing a quality healthcare system which offered specialized allowing to reduce the time it took from the patient first coming in for a problem and receiving consultation. This has also increased job satisfaction amongst the staff and care satisfaction amongst the patients.

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