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Intelliseek Case Solution

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The case focuses on Intelliseek - a company that harvests, filters, and mines data and information i.e., content that is published by consumers on various online platforms and discussion boards along with blogs. The company measures the volume of the messages, i.e., the buzz and the word of mouth created, and compares it with the sentiments of the consumers i.e., positive, negative, or neutral. This information is then gathered to develop qualitative as well as quantity reports that companies and brands could use for improving their performance, and marketing strategies. The case focuses on understanding why Intelliseek has been unable to retain clients in different areas while it has been successful in retaining automotive clients. The case presents different recommendations that the company could undertake to help improve its client retention. However, the case also focuses on the need for standardizing metrics for client brands for ensuring higher retention, as well as acceptance by players in different industries and areas.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Evaluate whether CGM is a good or bad source of data by looking at the pros and cons?

  2. Generally, what are some of your reactions regarding the opportunity of mining consumer-generated media for insights?  

  3. Consider the Brandpulse report outputs in case Exhibits 4 and 5. As a brand manager of one of these brands, what valuable insights can you draw? What do you think of Blog pulse?

  4. Which car manufacturers, seeing this, would most want to purchase a detailed Brandpulse report? What will they want to know? Why is the automotive industry most receptive to this concept? What does that tell you about potential target clients or ways to approach them? 

Case Analysis for Intelliseek

1. Evaluate whether CGM is a good or bad source of data by looking at the pros and cons?

CGM was a good source of consumer insights and data. This is because the data and information present on CGM were easily accessible and searchable. Moreover, the data from CGM represented and identified evolving consumer trends and interests over different topics –helping identify new market opportunities and growth possibilities for businesses. Additionally, CGM represented a wider reach. With online communities flourishing, the platform for CGM allowed consumers to connect directly with those who shared similar interests and build conversations. These conversations, in turn, led to trusted reviews. As a result, CGM became a cost-effective source of information for companies- which they could easily access to understand consumer perceptions. CGM also allowed companies and brands to strengthen their brand communities and positions – and see the build-up of brand advocates and ambassadors who worked for free in defending the brand against any possible backlash.

However, despite its pros, CGM also posed challenges for brand managers and marketers. Since the content was largely generated by the consumers, and not guided or narrated by the companies or the brands, it could take a back turn as well. Unhappy consumers could also post their dissatisfaction regarding the brand – leading to a cascade of similar reviews and rants. These in turn could tarnish the brand's reputation, and dissuade potential consumers from trying the brand. Lastly, the CGM was largely unstructured and qualitative– making it difficult to identify quantitative insights.

Based on this, it can be assumed that CGM is a good source of data – especially in terms of reach and cost. However, the data available through CGM should also be approached cautiously as it may lead to faulty perception building. Consumers should do independent research for ensuring they have access to unbiased data- using sources of CGM as well as brand-guided stories and marketing content.

2. Generally, what are some of your reactions regarding the opportunity of mining consumer-generated media for insights?

Online websites, social media platforms, and blogs have billions of consumers who constantly share information and data to give way to the building of CGM. With a higher number of active users, and more interactive media and engaging content, there has been an increase in the quantity and quality of CGM, as well as in the influence of the same. Consumers using as a source of guidance, and information that impacts the consumer as well as the public discourse and actions.

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