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Office Design Partners (Thailand) Ltd Case Solution

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There were many problems related to cross-cultural differences among the employees of office Design Partners Ltd. There were many communication problems among the employees and their managers which caused huge losses in productivity. Most workers belong to Thailand with their roots embedded deep in the Thai traditions and culture. The problems the employees are facing are chronic in nature and are very harmful to the organization's goals and objectives. Human Resource Department can address these problems and help the organization to grow.

The human resource department can address these problems by identifying the root cause of the problem by researching and talking with the employees. Human resource personnel can bring a change in the thoughts of the Thai employees by counseling with them and finding out their concerns and answering their queries. Counseling and mentoring is a very important function and it can help solve many problems related to the employees performance. Training and workshops can be conducted to help the employees to solve their work-related issues and problems. Employees can be taught certain rules and regulations and they can be made familiar to the environment. Employee's minds can be molded by mentoring and counseling.

Case Analysis for Office Design Partners (Thailand) Ltd

The human resources department can help the organization by performing a recruitment function for a multicultural organization. It was very difficult to find people who possess good technical and communication skills. The human resource department can help in this regard by recruiting candidates who possess both good technical and communication skills. Recruitment is the main function of human resource management. Recruiting candidates who possess both technical and communication skills is a very challenging and daunting task for the human resource department. New ways of recruitment have to be used in order to recruit such a diverse workforce.

Another area that can be developed was upper management. Not only employees but upper management can also be trained and developed to meet the challenges. The human resource department can play an important role in this regard as well. The human resource department can conduct training sessions and workshops for upper management as well. The mindset of the managers can also be changed and managers can also learn and accept the cultural norms of other countries.

Policies and procedures can be taught to the employees in their native language so that employees may be able to understand the policies and procedures in their own language. The human resource department can make policies and procedures according to the requirement of the organization and employees. The human resource department can help motivate the workers by giving them incentives and rewards. Compensation and benefit is also a very important function of human resource management. Policies can be written down after consultation with the managers and department heads.

Human resource management can also help to streamline standard operating procedures which can be used to help the employees perform their tasks. The human resource department can help develop a written manual in which the workers can understand and follow its written instructions as Thai people believe that written statements are better than verbal advice. Serious communication problems can be avoided by the use of written instructions and hence productivity will improve and the organization will prosper.

The company also suffered from a high turnover ratio only 20 percent of employees were retained which is an alarming situation as the recruitment and training cost of new workers is very high. It is a more simple task to retain the employees rather than recruit and train new employees. The retention of trained employees is also a very important Human Resource function. The human resource department can help the organization to retain employees. The human resources department can provide a congenial environment for the employees so that they feel comfortable and don’t leave the organization. Also, employees can be offered rewards and incentives based on their performance. Employee motivation is also a very important function of the Human Resource department. Many innovative methods and techniques can be used to motivate employees. Employees can be motivated by making them an integral part of the organization and understanding their problems and rectifying their problems.

Office Design partners also had a bad habit of trusting the potential candidate during the initial interview stage and hence the recruited persons who were not competent to do their job properly and eventually were fired from their job. Proper background checks were not performed and hence incompetent candidates were hired.

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