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Recruitment of a Star Case Solution

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The pool of candidates that has been formulated after short listing through various sources have very strong candidates that can fill in the gap, left by the departure of star semiconductor analyst, Peter Thompson. Every person has pros and cons, but all have the potential to become a very suitable replacement for Mr. Thompson and the spark to take RSH to a next level. Apart from Gerald Baum, all the other three shortlisted candidates were looking pretty adaptable to the organizational culture at RSH, as well. They also have the determination to take the RSH towards a better future and have the capability to become the Star analyst for a major franchise like semiconductors. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Are any of these candidates what I’m looking for?

  2. How much would each of them cost the firm? 

  3. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

  4. Who’s the best fit? At what price?

  5. What about Rina? She’s been doing a decent job so far. Should she be considered?

Recruitment of a Star Case Analysis

2. How much would each of them cost the firm?

Firstly, if we take a look at Gerald Baum's profile, I think he was the one going for a big check and would cost the firm much more than the rest. This is understandable considering his expertise and knowledge. But, there are no associates of his own that are to be added to the package, which would have been an extra burden on the payroll for RSH. Secondly, David Hughes has that price tag attached to his service due to his fame in the Wall Street, which comes at a posh price. On the other hand, Mrs. Sonia Meetha  is an underpaid analyst from a boutique, and she won't weigh more than a feather on RSH's payroll. Seth Horkum was found to be a more "passionate for work" kind of person and neither did he mention the salary during the interview with Stephen, so any decent salary should be good enough to buy his services.

3. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Gerald Baum is someone with an extreme intelligence, having the "native sense for stock-picking" and an exceptionally talented young man but was noticed to be a bit too cocky. He also had some bad feuds with his associates in the past and was perceived as a bad mentor.

David Hughes has a vast experience and mentor status along with his fame in the Wall Street. He has the charisma that can attract major clients, but the drawback is his age, which might not be compatible with the market choices in the long run.

Sonia Meetha has a very global reach and vision along with her exceptional talent and futuristic approach in the use of technology and resources. Another plus for her is the report writing skill. Although she has several issues including her unwillingness to travel at times (which is integrally important in some cases where site visits are mandatory). Another concern could be her inability to handle the Wall Street's pressured environment to play with the big boys.

Seth Horkum, a very talented and passionate analyst. He has proven to be a people's favorite already. The only concern which might arise is that he can be over ambitious since he's switching from a firm after 15 years of service.

4. Who’s the best fit? At what price?

My suggestion would be Seth Horkum since everyone at RSH loved him. Another advantage to have him is that he is affordable but considering his 15 years of service at Jefferson brothers; he should be offered something significantly decent. But this can be compensated through his skill, passion and his ability to bring a large clientele with him. He already has strong connections at PowerChip Company and would be easily adaptable to the transition. He would be the optimum replacement for Peter Thompson and also with a futuristic approach for RSH's business.

5. What about Rina? She’s been doing a decent job so far. Should she be considered?

Rina should be given her own team to work with some less privileged franchises, but she should learn a thing or two from Seth for now as he gets in charge. She still needs some assistance while making a critical decision, mentoring to handle the pressure and to develop her selling skills.

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