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Social Media and Ashton Kutcher Review Case Solution

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Social media has gained immense importance in today’s world. What started out as platforms for the young individuals to exchange content and socialize over the internet has now turned into something everyone from Barack Obama to Oprah Winfrey are using to engage with fans, friends, family, etc. The number of social media sites users including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. is growing exponentially. Recognized individuals from the fields of acting, athletics, politics, and music are actively using social media. Today, eyeing the benefits, businesses too are using these platforms regularly to market themselves, their products and services.

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Case Analysis for Social Media and Ashton Kutcher Review Case Solution

2. Analysis

Open source implies something users or viewers can modify and share based on the structured software design of that specific platform. Principles based on which open source software are designed to open exchange, collaboration, transparency and community-oriented development to name a few (Open Source, 2016). Although certain facets of the open source software may perhaps be free of cost, this is not always the case. More specific and niche markets are often catered to but with a cost attached to them. Celebrities using social media generates an avalanche of followers and views and businesses can use this to their advantage.

Open source software provides control to businesses based on the type of content shared. Moreover, it can be further customized as per the business’ needs and wants and fit into their expectations. Software modifications are easier, although at a cost, but necessary to be able to distinguish the business from competitors. Costs are also limited as there are no hefty costs involved and compared to the reach the investment is worth it (Velmurrugan, 2013). Similarly, as Tumblr helped out John Legend to set up his blog, businesses can pay a premium and create social networking platforms that help them engage with both current and potential customers.

The benefits of using open source and social networking platform are immense as it can better connect with customers and gauge valuable consumer insights. This would also translate into brand loyalty and awareness in the market. Many software including Elgg, Xoops, etc. enables organizations to build sites based on their individual needs. These platforms can be expanded through extensions to include discussion forums, a dedicated complaint services and content generation by both the organization and the customers. Most software also has inbuilt integration with social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook (Jose, 2012).

3. Solution

Web 3.0 can understand the user or viewer context based on a database that is generated over time through monitoring. The Web 3.0 browser is aimed as acting like a personal assistant rather than a basic web browser. The browser can record personal interests in the users’ local storage and provides relevant search results based on the previous usage of the browser.

Many advertisers and public relations specialists are waiting to tap into this technology to target specific customers. A startup company could also tap into the opportunity if it is smart enough. Imagine a case where a viewer types “where can I get good pizza from?” and the search engine generates the startups’ name and web address. This is how specific Web 3.0 is envisioned to become (Garrigos-Simon, Alcami, & Ribera, 2012).

For startups it would be a game changer as with the limited income and funding, they would be able to pinpoint customers and target them and derive greater value from their marketing initiatives. Startups should primarily be online on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others and online content generation should be a regular phenomenon. Deriving insights from social media interaction with customers are in the best interest of these startups to help develop and grow their business portfolios (Zwilling, 2011). Search engine optimization is also crucial for success for the startup's web address to become visible when a viewer searches for products or categories that they offer. As Sayre (2010) stated in his article, it is important for powering startups to become smartups to be successful in the online market. This is also encouraging news for startups where startups can use Web 3.0 to generate funding. Web 3.0 would be all about making tiny changes to have a bigger impact on these growing organizations.

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