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Somebody Stop the Radio Star Jian Ghomeshi at the CBC

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The difficulties some (CBC) personnel faced while working on a well-known show are the focus of the case study. The company had a great reputation because of the show. Q. Jian Ghomeshi started as a vocalist and drummer for the band Moxy Fruvous until he joined CBC in 2012, where he participated in various programs until he was promoted to radio host. As a result of Ghomeshi's excellent branding, Q expanded into a TV-like broadcast channel thanks to the show's incredible ratings when Ghomeshi was hosting it, and younger audiences found it appealing because of its culture. Due to Ghomeshi's actions, everyone felt that the workplace was undesirable and intolerable. Ghomeshi elevated himself as the leader of the organization. He was accused of having a temperamental working style that caused other employees to work in inhospitable conditions as a result of his actions and attitudes. Six Q employees banded together after multiple unresolved complaints and decided to give a presentation to the top management.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What negative behavior is attributed to Ghomeshi? What was the impact of his alleged behavior on Q employees?

  2. Why did the employee get together to compile the red sky presentation for Groen and Noorani? What else could they have done.

  3. If is is true that Goneshi treated Q staff extremely poorly over a long period of time (e.g. from April 2007 to July 2012) How was he able to get away it for so long without being reprimanded, despite being employed in an organization that had stated values and policies in place to protect employees?

  4. What are Groen and Noorani`s option? What is the risk expected outcomes of each option? If you were in their position, what would you do? How would you go about doing it?

  5. Assuming the problematic behavior can be stopped, what do the Q staff members need, so they can move forward? What should the CBC do to prevent this kind of problem recurring?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. What negative behaviour is attributed to Ghomeshi? What was the impact of his alleged behaviour on Q employees?

Ghomeshi is well known for having mood swings. He can switch between being kind and hostile in an instant. He was accustomed to pressuring his peers and subordinates to adopt his viewpoints; whenever someone disagreed with him, he made sure to make it clear. In the beginning, he was very welcoming to the people and used to deal with people with love and respect. But after he got fame, he started to be arrogant because he felt that no one in the studio could stop him from his actions. He pressurized the colleagues working with him to make sure that they worked according to his demands. 

If any worker used to refuse to follow his directions, he played mind games with him making sure that the worker didn't get to work properly and ultimately got bashed by the manager. He used to arrive late only so that the workers didn't work according to the plan scheduled, and everything got disrupted. Several female workers had also been subjected to sexual harassment by Ghomeshi. He was a very toxic co-worker. Other workers found Ghomeshi's actions to be unpleasant. Ghomeshi's actions made them feel subjugated and degraded. He made sure that the workers felt inferior to themselves and their work. They didn't feel empowered to complete their work on their own. Ghomeshi also had bad behaviour regarding the females working with them. This made them feel uncomfortable working with him because he used to stare at them, open his shirt buttons and touch his pelvis. 

The behaviour was badly impacting the performance of the employees as they felt that their voices would not be heard. They started feeling that they were just inferior workers acting on their actions, and they could be fired at any time. Most of the workers were working based on contracts. Thus, there was no job security already. They felt that if they still went ahead to report his actions, they would face the consequences as he is the main leading anchor of Q, and the top management would do anything to accommodate Ghomeshi and would not listen to their genuine pleas.

2. Why did the employee get together to compile the red sky presentation for Groen and Noorani? What else could they have done?

The staff believed they needed to make a compelling case against Ghomeshi because he was a top performer for CBC. They wanted to expose all of their issues to Groen and Noorani, the producer and director at CBC, so they recorded all of them under the code name of the "Red Sky Presentation.". His mood swings caused immense trouble to the supporting team. He used to yell at them sometimes without any reason, making them difficult to work with. He even started to give directions to the team, although he was not the show's director or the company's owner. The employees were not happy with his directions. 

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