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Southfield Packaging Case Solution

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The appraisal process at Southfield is straightforwardly contributing to the performance of the employees. To improve the experience of any complaints made during the year, it is made sure that they become part of the appraisal process. However, there is a misconception that appraisals demotivate the functional ability of an employee. Employees should take their appraisals as an opportunity to improve themselves. Moreover, the appraisal meeting should be held properly, and a regular feedback mechanism should be adopted to ensure a healthy working atmosphere for employees. All the employees should also evaluate their working efficiency based on their understanding, like belby for, whose performance is putting the client first and increasing the company's income stream. However, if he wants to grow, he should improve his work capabilities and take a proper pathway to fulfil his dream of promotion

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What is your evaluation of the appraisal process (or the "SPR") at Southfield? Is the instrument well designed? Is the required performance interview a good idea? What changes, if any, could be made to improve its effectiveness?

  2. What is your assessment of Belby's definition of performance? Belby clearly wants to be promoted in the coming year. Will he reach his goal? Why or why not?"

Case Analysis for Southfield Packaging Case Solution

1. What is your evaluation of Southfield's appraisal process (or the "SPR")? Is the instrument well designed? Is the required performance interview a good idea? What changes, if any, could be made to improve its effectiveness?

One of the crucial components of the performance management cycle is performance appraisal. A performance interview is a wonderful concept because it's important to each employee. A proper performance evaluation also offers Southfield a crucial legal defence. When issues with an employee cannot be resolved, performance reviews set the framework for reprimand and, if necessary, legally justifiable termination.

The appraisal process will be diagnosed through four dimensions:

• Whether the evaluation process is transparent and straightforward

At Southfield, the appraisal process is straightforward and well-defined. SPR will take place between employees and management every December. Employees receive a copy of the manager's completed appraisal report during SPR. Employees are obliged to recognize the report and are allowed to offer input that was not addressed in the SPR. The employee's permanent record will contain the finished SPR report.

• Whether or not a review is an appraisal

Any complaints or compliments made during the year must be noted and included in the appraisal procedure. Southfield has implemented an online platform to assist managers in gathering and saving an employee's outstanding work for assessment prior to SPR. The staff is not informed of saving concerns or problems until SPR. It will miss the chance to deal with and settle these problems before they become serious in a much less combative way. As seen in the example, Belby was taken aback by Sanders' comment despite Sanders' emphasis on "regular contact," the fact that he was "strong on feedback," and his promise to leave no surprises on the performance assessment form. The process of performance management must be improved.

• Whether or not the evaluation is a development tool

The employee should consider the appraisal an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and develop goals for future success. At the SPR conference in Southfield, career objectives are discussed. The appraisal also contains advice for improving oneself.

• Whether or not employee feedback is permitted as part of the evaluation

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