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Sydney IVF Stem Cell Research

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The doctors who created Sydney IVF, an Australian stem cell and vitro fertilization business based on research, are Drs. Jock Anderson and Robert Jansen in 1986. This case study analyses Sydney IVF's choices for risk management and strategy execution. As it continues to deal with the dangers associated with its business of artificial insemination, the company has created and used unique technology. The dangers associated with working in the field of lab-based fertility were another difficulty the company encountered. These concerns included political, ethical, and commercial issues. The business put in place measures including an ethics committee and a "whistleblower" system for its workers as leverage, among other things. Robert Jansen, the CEO, planned to continue building the Stem Cell Company. However, given the difficulties and hazards involved, Jansen must devise a defense against these threats while also aiming for the expansion of the business.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Describe Sydney IVF’s business strategy: What are the main goals? Who is the primary customer? What drives innovation?

  2. How is the strategy for Stem Cell Business different?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. Describe Sydney IVF’s business strategy: What are the main goals? Who is the primary customer? What drives innovation?

Due to hospitals' restricted ability to accommodate extra patients for the vitro fertilization treatment, Sydney IVF's business concept and model were developed. The core goal of IVF is to be the finest lab-based fertility provider, which is characterized by two key criteria:

IVF's first goal is to excel in scientifically based technological expertise, which will inevitably lead to the necessary research-based and trendsetting inventions. By doing research, Sydney IVF clearly aimed to advance the methods and equipment used in fertilization. For instance, their business model was molded by the initial creation of a portable incubator for the growth of embryos. 

Second, the doctor's interactions with his or her patients should be open and sincere. An organized and thorough description of the business processes with distinct roles and responsibilities is an essential part of the business model in addition to the two primary criteria, example, a reasonable business administration structure and an organizational survey team. Sydney IVF seeks to expand domestically in Australia and also internationally, mostly through partnerships and joint ventures.

Making IVF an accessible option was the primary goal of the Sydney IVF firm. Using an outpatient method, doctors might provide their treatments in clinics rather than hospitals. Due to this need, Australian clinics run by doctors have become their main clientele. -The product was primarily targeted toward patients who wanted IVF therapy, but since patients couldn't directly request an IVF process, the doctors who could offer the treatment to patients in their neighborhood clinics became the main clientele. -By 2008, IVF controlled 37% of the market in the state of South Wales and ran 2 interstate clinics in addition to 6 full-time and 5 part-time clinics. These independent physicians were seen as essential to the operation. They examined the three ways in which they could benefit them.

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