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Team Collapse at Richard Wood and Hulme LLP Case Solution

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Michael is in a very tough situation right now. He needs to adopt certain team building methods to help the audit team meet their deadline while staying focused on the goal. The first thing that authors and researchers argue is that every team should have a united vision and a sense of purpose (Langton, Robbins, Judge, & Breward, 2016).

Case Analysis for Team Collapse at Richard Wood and Hulme LLP

This is not the case at the company; Michael needs to have an immediate one on one as well as group meeting with all the junior associates where he has an open discussion with all of them. He should tell them that right now it is important that they put all concerns on one side and focus on meeting the audit deadline.

Once the team has consensus on this issue, then they will become motivated again to work at their maximum potential and complete the audit process. A proper plan of action will also need to be developed to create a means of understanding what are the tasks that have been completed and what areas are left to be covered in the audit. This plan should be referred to at the end of every day and tasks which have been completed should be wiped off. This goal-oriented approach to the team members will help Michael bring the junior associates out of concerns regarding job security. Once the team is successful in delivering on the deadline of the audit, they will then be in a position to not only celebrate their success but also discuss the issue of job security in detail with the top management of Richard Wood and Hulme LLP.

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