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Tegan C C C Case Solution

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The most suitable option for Tegan would be to opt for a new vendor. Although, this option might be too late at this point in time but it is the only option that can accommodate Tegan’s plans of expansion in their services.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What should Tegan do?

  2. What should Hrad do?

Case Analysis for Tegan C C C

Further, as the new sales are promising, the company’s reputation (Behrend, et al., 2009), and their speed in delivery of services would be the most important elements to consider here. On the other, hand, if the company opts to go with Hrad, it would mean that it will have a complete system but with specifications that do not fulfil its criteria. Resultantly, the company would need to invest more money in their projects to customize them to the needs of the company. Although the Hrad team better understood the current project but Tegan needs to put its long-term goals in focus here which calls for a new vendor.

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