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Merger Integration At Bank Of America The TrustWeb Project Case Solution

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The first and foremost step that Morris needs to take is to take down the specifications of the senior leaders in charge of client servicing at U.S. Trust who raised concerns regarding the changes to existing system proposed by Morris and his team. 

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  1. What is your recommendation for mike morris to get this project back on track?

Case Analysis for Merger Integration At Bank Of America The TrustWeb Project

These people obviously know what they are talking about and how the clientele would be impacted if the proposed changes to the existing system were approved. Morris must consider keeping the client reports functionality part of the system to ensure client attrition is avoided. Satisfying the other side of the deal is an essential aspect of going forward with this merger.

Moreover, to keep the project on track, Morris needs to seek help from technology experts on his team and also from the other end of the deal. The U.S. Trust seems to have more technology literates, something Morris lacks, and these people can be quite resourceful in terms of how the new collaborative system blueprint could be altered to meet the combined needs of both U.S. Trust and Bank of America.

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