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The Aquaculture Industry In The Philippines Creating Social Values At Marina Gana Vida Case Solution

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Jonah Nobleza is the main character of the case, where he is the founder of Marina Gana Vida (MGV). MGV began as a social enterprise in Philippines, helping the fishing community in the Davao coastal area to earn a livelihood. In this social entrepreneurial venture, MGV and its founder came up with three diverse goals: Happy People, Happy Earth, and Healthy Food. The primary focus of the venture has been the food and income deprived fishing community of Davao coastal area.

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Case Analysis for The Aquaculture Industry In The Philippines Creating Social Values At Marina Gana Vida

The dilemma that Jonah Nobleza currently finds himself in is to set a correct balance between the company’s economic and social benefits to the community and range of customers. For future expansion of the company and to attract financers, more technology-oriented food processing, and packaging is on the cards. However, this means that more manual work, currently being done by women, shall have to be replaced with machinery. With claims of a social enterprise venture, Nobleza is in a dilemma to solve this critical issue.

2. Analysis of Case

While the social enterprise and its concept have worked tremendously well for the company over the years, it is now time to turn it into a more commercialized venture. Firstly, since MGV wants to raise more funds for improved fishing vessels and equipment, it needs to present a sound future business proposition and growth strategy to the donors and commercial banks. While there are high unemployment and illiteracy in the Davao coastal area of Philippines, MGV has significantly contributed to the economic well-being of the community. Hence, it can be said that it is now time for the community to return the favor to their employers and be content with improved and mechanized processes.  

MGV’s focus on the base of the pyramid has been appreciated at various forums, including the MAD event, where the company and its founder won a prize as well. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have not been common in the Philippines where fisheries sector is concerned. Government regulations are relaxed, and any entity may have open access to fishing. MGV and its founders have devised strategies to limit overfishing, to improve fish breed, and to restrict environmental damage. Hence, the organization as a social enterprise enjoys trust and a commendable reputation in its community. Therefore, it may be expected of commercial banks to lend on easier terms to Jonah Nobleza, without having to develop internal policies which would be against the interests of the fishing community and those working in packaged foods processing as plant workers.

It must also be seen that how new automated processes, if applied, shall influence and force to modify the three giant goals of the company. These are Happy People, Happy Earth, and Healthy Food. It is apparent that the goal of Happy People will be compromised if MGV switches to improved fishing vessels and equipment, thus minimizing the role of manual labor, who is primarily female members of the Muslim community. It has been estimated that around 80 percent of fishermen community of Philippines lived below the poverty line. For a social enterprise venture such as MGV, such community becomes a responsibility to cater to. Hence, it is now time for Jonah Nobleza to make tough choices with regards to the future growth of the company. MGV currently enjoys good productivity per labor as the female workforce is motivated to perform; however, this is not sufficient to attract funding from various institutions.

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