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The CEO's Private Investigation Case Solution

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Cheryl currently finds herself in a dilemma that can be classified as an ethical dilemma. It is a difficult situation for Cheryl as the new CEO as she is not familiar with people inside the organization so far. In the given situation, the following alternatives may seem plausible for Cheryl in her new job role:

  • Consult outside help and try to fix things at her organization.

  • Stay quiet and do not take any initiative in this regard, unless there is concrete evidence of corruption.

  • Sit with the Board of Directors of Hammond Aerospace to discuss and investigate the issue.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What are the possible alternatives that Cheryl can do? What actions should be taken?

Case Analysis for The CEO's Private Investigation

Each of these three alternatives has its pros and cons that need to be discussed. The first alternative may be the safest bet for Cheryl as a new person in the company, who is all set to investigate a grave issue right at the beginning. For this purpose, Hamilton Wender, a senior partner at a law firm may be the perfect choice to kick start the investigations. This will also keep the matter somewhat confidential as Cheryl can so far not trust people inside the organization.

Secondly, to keep intact the legacy and reputation of Jim Rawlings, the ex-CEO of Hammond Aerospace, Cheryl may go for the alternative of sitting quietly about the issue. However, it will be unethical for her to stay quiet if some concrete evidence becomes available. Lastly, the influential Board of Directors can be met with, and the issue discussed. Cheryl, on her part, has not been able to trust Jackie Terrell, the Executive Assistant, and neither Hank Bodine, Head of Commercial Airplane Division. It needs to be seen who can be her confidants in the company she is now heading.

Given the three alternatives above, consulting outside help seems the most reasonable option as Cheryl has just taken a start in this company in her new role.

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